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Olimpiada de Física 2013

Vídeo sobre la entrega de los premios de la Olimpiada de Física 2013.
Conferencia del Catedrático de Física Aplicada, Santiago Velasco: “Física y Mitología”

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube
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Libro Experimenta

Libro Experimenta Manual con 60 experiencias sencillas para Física de 4º de ESO Autores: Santiago Velasco, Alejandro del Mazo, Maria Jesus Santos

  • Nota de prensa de la publicación del libro Experimenta.
  • Reseña sobre el libro Experimenta de la Revista Eureka sobre Enseñanza y Divulgación de las Ciencias
  • Video del profesor Santiago Velasco presentando el libro Experimenta, en la televisión de la USAL:
  • Para adquirirlo, pueden solicitarlo enviando un correo electrónico a indicando nombre completo, dirección de envío y NIF.

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    Masterclass Science on Stage

    Here you can find a file with the presentation of the masterclass.

    Presentation masterclass

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    Video “Listening to gravity”

    Flickr Video
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    Video “Escuchando la gravedad”

    Flickr Video
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    Science on Stage Festival

    Logo Science on Stage 2011

    Logo Science on Stage 2011

    In Copenhagen 350 science teachers from all over Europe will present their most innovative teaching ideas, workshops and performances. Participants are chosen at competitive national events in 27 countries. The Science on Stage Festival will take place 16 – 19 April 2011.

    Science on Stage Festival web

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    Data from the experiences

    Single sheet for making experimental data discussed in previous entries.

    Data from the experiences

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    1.       Many software programs for recording and editing sounds can be found on the World Wide Web. An excellent free program is provided by Audacity (

    2.       J.A. White, M.J. Santos, A. González & S. Velasco, “Timing the oscillations of a mass-spring system“, The Physics Education, (in press).

    3.       S. Velasco, M.J. Santos, A. González &, J.A. White, “Timing the oscillations of a pendulum“, The Physics Education, 46(3) 133-134 (March 2011).

    4.       S. Ganci, “Measurement of g by means of the ‘improper’ use of sound card software: a multipurpose experiment,” Phys. Educ. 43(3), 297 (2008).

    5.       J. A. White, F.L. Román, A. Medina, and S. Velasco, “A measurement of g listening to falling balls,” Phys. Teach. 45(3), 175 (2007).

    6.       L. Hmurcik, A. Slacik, H. Miller, and S. Samoncik, “Linear regression analysis in a first physics lab,” Am. J. Phys. 57(2), 135 (1989).

    7.       R. Dwayne, “An Inexpensive Computer-Controlled Photogate,” Phys. Teach. 43(3), 169 (2005)


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    Advantages of the experiences

    Advantajes of the experiences

    Special qualities that make this presentation spectacular:

    • The simplicity and accessibility to reproduce these experiences.
    • Very high accurate measurements of time (of the order of 10-4 s).
    • It provides an alternative procedure to the software that is presented by the commercial laboratories for the same purpose.
    • Faster measurements than using standard methods.
    • Possibility of enrichment with other associated physical phenomena to each experience.
    • Importance of including new technologies in the education of sciences.
    • The major advantages are the very low cost of the proposed experiments and they are easy to understand for students due to their familiarity with the software when it is used ‘properly’ for editing musical tracks.
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    Timing the oscillations of a mass-spring system (paper)

    Paper published in “The Physics Education”

    Spring - Magnet

    Spring - Magnet

    “Timing oscillations of a mass‐spring system” J. A. White, M. J. Santos, A. González y S. Velasco. Revista: Physics Education”, 46, p. 378-379, July 2011.

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