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The Master’s Degree in Translation and Intercultural Mediation of the University of Salamanca (available in Spanish), organised by the Department of Translation and Interpretation (available in Spanish) and conducted in the Faculty of Translation and Documentation (available in Spanish), has an interdisciplinary nature and aims to specialise the students in the intercultural linguistic and professional translation skills in multilingual environments.

With a specialised training which combines theory and practice, the master’s fulfills the urgent academic, public and business needs of professionals and experts in specialised tasks of translation and intercultural mediation in multilingual and multicultural situations within various professional environments (scientific, technical, legal, economic, editorial and/or that of media). All the students carry out mandatory internship in international organisations, government agencies, social entities and professional translation projects.

Similarly, the master’s training enables acquisition of an ability to analyse and research in intercultural environment which helps to conduct research work, designed as a preliminary step to Ph.D. studies.

logo_emt_high_resolutionSince 2009, the Master’s is member of the European Master’s in Translation (EMT), a network of excellence sponsored by the European Commission. It currently consists of 64 Master’s programmes (following the verification process which was passed by Salamanca in 2013) from more than 20 different countries, selected amongst the ones which submitted their application to receive such quality certifcation.


LOGOMETSNEW2Since 2014, the Master’s also participates in the European Master in Specialised Translation (METS), offered by a consortium of 10 universities which provide postgraduate degrees in Translation in different European countries.


Every year since 2013, the Master’s Programme in Translation and Intercultural Mediation has been recognized in the ranking list of the newspaper El Mundo as one of the best four masters in “Edition and Translation” in Spain. It was placed the fourth best (available in Spanish) in 2018.



*Please, note that even if the information in this website is available in English, courses are taught in Spanish.

**Translated by Collin Reyman, Lara Pastor Minuesa, Marta Urzainqui Dueñas and Vidushi Jhamb (Master’s in Translation and Intercultural Mediation, 2018-2019 students).



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