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Language Proficiency

In order to enrol in the Master’s, students must meet all requirements in the application process.

Graduates of Translation and Interpretation from the University of Salamanca or other Spanish universities do not have to take the entrance exam. Students with other degrees will have to complete the entrance exam to confirm their command of the Spanish language and of one of the three languages we offer (German, French, or English) to allow for the studying of Translation at the postgraduate level.

The language level required for this Programme, for Spanish as well as for the working languages (German, French, and English), is C2, the highest in the European Framework. It is necessary to have command of Spanish and one of the three languages at the C2 level, and also to have a third language, be it one of those three or another, at an intermediate level at least. The level of the other language must be listed on the student’s CV and be confirmed with documentation.

Spanish is the main teaching language and the target language in most translations.

The Academic Committee will assess all documentation that candidates submit to verify that they meet the required level of Spanish and of German, French, or English: for example, for Spanish, the Diploma de Español Nivel C2 (DELE Superior); for German, the Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOF) or the Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom (KDS); for French, the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF / C2 [CIEP]); for English, the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), or other certificates, recognized at the C2 level, issued by institutions in the context of ALTE (

In addition to the result of the entrance exam and the certification of language proficiency, in the selection process, candidates’ academic transcript and CV will be assessed.


*Please, note that even if the information in this website is available in English, courses are taught in Spanish.

**Translated by Collin Reyman, Lara Pastor Minuesa, Marta Urzainqui Dueñas and Vidushi Jhamb (Master’s in Translation and Intercultural Mediation, 2018-2019 students).

*** Translation updated by Maria Ward (Erasmus Assistant, 2021)

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