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Training in the EMT Network

The network of EMT (European Masters in Translation) universities, in which our master’s program has belonged to since its inception in 2009, organises training opportunities to which both current and graduated students of the Master’s have access. The coordination and financing of the EMT network is conducted via the DGT (Directorate General for Translation) of the European Commission.

Among these activities are the following:

Unpaid internships lasting four weeks in the month of July in the Spanish Department of the DGT for upcoming candidates for master’s degrees in the EMT Network. For more information about these internships here.

Translating Europe Forum: Every November the DGT-EMT organises an event called Translating Europe Forum. The DGT will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of one student per programme. Recently graduated students tend to be selected, but students who graduated in prior years may apply. The subject for TEF 2018 is “The human translator in the age of data. Translators working with data – data working for translators”, and it will take place on the 8th and 9th of November, 2018.

Translating Europe Workshops: Occasionally, EMT universities and the DGT organize training activities called Translating Europe Workshops. The University of Salamanca organised a TEW around the subject of “Specialisation in the (ongoing) education of translators: Challenges and alternatives” on the 11th of November, 2016. You can find information on this activity here (available in Spanish).

The Master’s in Translation and Intercultural Mediation has thought to organise another TEW in the future.



*Please, note that even if the information in this website is available in English, courses are taught in Spanish.

**Translated by Collin Reyman, Lara Pastor Minuesa, Marta Urzainqui Dueñas and Vidushi Jhamb (Master’s in Translation and Intercultural Mediation, 2018-2019 students).

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