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Double Master USAL-Heidelberg (MATEM)

Double master USAL-Heidelberg (MATEM)

Since the 2018-19 academic year, the Universities of Salamanca (Spain) and Heidelberg (Germany) offer a double master’s degree. In the double degree —the Master’s Degree in Translation and Intercultural Mediation (USAL) and M. A. Übersetzungswissenschaft (UHD)— a training programme in the field of specialised translation will be taught.

The course

The course offers the Master’s students of the participating centres a specific training developed over two academic years, with two year-long stays at each University (1st year in the USAL, 2nd in UHD). Each centre offers a 60 ECTS programme in a field related to specialized translation, based on their respective pre-existing Master’s programmes.

Double degree

After completing the 120 credits of the program, students obtain two degrees: the title of Master in Translation and Intercultural Mediation by the USAL and the Master’s Degree in Translation Sciences (M. A. Übersetzungswissenschaft) by the UHD.

University of Heidelberg

Established in 1386, it is Germany’s oldest university. Nowadays, about 30,000 students are enrolled in its twelve departments, with a faculty and research body of more than 5,000 people.

Heidelberg is an open-minded city with a student atmosphere. It is the most central point of the metropolitan area of the Rhine-Neckar, which stands out for its enormous density of strongly developing companies and for being the headquarters of numerous research centres. These, along with the UHD, make up a highly competitive network of research and expertise that create endless possibilities for contact and cooperation between students and researchers. UHD networks transcend borders: internationality and internationalization are two distinctive features of the university.

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (IÜD)

The IÜD also has a long-standing tradition of research and teaching, and has evolved into a modern institute in which the parallel orientation of practical application and research for their qualifications prepares students to be successfully incorporated into the labour market in private companies, in the public sector or in the field of science.

The IÜD cooperates with more than twenty countries in curricular and research projects, has its own practice centre, the Praktika-Centre, and works closely with the Centre for the Study of Ibero-America (IAZ) of the UHEI, which promotes exchanges with Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as strengthening the creation and consolidation of networks with institutions of these economic and educational spaces.


Further information:

Programme Direction and Coordination:

Daniel Linder, Director and representative of the Mixed Studies Commission (

María Ángeles Recio Ariza, USAL-UHD Coordinator and representative of the Mixed Studies Commission (



*Please, note that even if the information in this website is available in English, courses are taught in Spanish.

**Translated by Collin Reyman, Lara Pastor Minuesa, Marta Urzainqui Dueñas and Vidushi Jhamb (Master’s in Translation and Intercultural Mediation, 2018-2019 students).

*** Translation updated by Maria Ward (Erasmus Assistant, 2021)


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