Biokmod: An application for solving system of differential equations, fitting coefficients, convolution, and more, with application for modeling Linear and Nonlinear Biokinetic Systems.  Some ICRP biokinetic models are included  . It can be applied in pharmacokinetic, internal dosimetry,  bioassay evaluations,  nuclear medicine and more.

There two version:

A) The classical BIOKMOD.- An Mathematica version that  consists in Mathematica packages and tutorials . It can be downloaded here: BIOKMOD 5.4. This version included the ICRP Models ICRP 66/78 (Biokmod Summary)

B) BIOKMOD web version: It is an updated version of BIOKMOD, including some current OIR Models. You only need a web browser:  Here or below.

Compartmental Modeling. Constant rate transfers

Compartmental Modeling. Variable rate transfers

Estimation of unknown unknown intaken using a kind of bioassay (new ICRP 130/134/137 biokinectic model are used)

Estimation of an unknown intaken using two kind of bioassay (new ICRP 130/134/137 biokinectic model are used)



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