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Biokmod: A Mathematica toolbox for solving system of differential equations, fitting coefficients, convolution, and more, with application for modeling Linear and Nonlinear Biokinetic Systems.   It included the current ICRP biokinetic models. It can be applied in pharmacokinetic, internal dosimetry,  bioassay evaluations,  nuclear medicine and more. This toolbox consist in Mathematica packages and tutorials . It can be downloaded here:BIOKMOD 5.4 (New, Mathematica 10 or later is requiered) or download the previous version here: BIOKMOD 5.3

Biokmod Summary

If you wish to be informed when Biokmod is updated or if you find some error, send a e-mail to the author Guillermo Sánchez (guillermo(at) writing in the subject: Subcribe Biokmod . Any comment will be wellcome.

BIOKMODWEB is a web application (you only need a webrowser) including some of the feactures of BIOKMOD. 

Click here: BIOKMODWEB (note: it is a new URL:

News: BIOKMOD 6 beta: EURADOS 2019

Compartmental Modeling. Constant rate transfers

Compartmental Modeling. Variable rate transfers

Lungs Retentions for a reference worker. ICRP 66 Model

Estimation of unknown intaken using the lung body counter measured

Evolution of the retentions for a reference worker. ICRP Current models Model

Sánchez G. Modelización biocinética y dosimetría interna. Aplicaciones con Biokmod. Seminario CIEMAT. Madrid 2015

Sánchez G.  MODELIZACIÓN DE LA DISTRIBUCIÓN DE ISÓTOPOS RADIACTIVOS Y FÁRMACOS EN EL ORGANISMO.Universidad Católica de Santiago de Chile. 7 de junio de 2016

Sanchez G.  BIOKMOD y BIOKMODWED. Aplicación a la modelización biocinética y farmacocinética. BIOSTATNET. Santiago de Compostela. 20-21 de enero de 2017

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