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Engage patrons with mobile services: The experience of The University of Salamanca

Engage patrons with mobile services


Engage patrons with mobile services: The experience of The University of Salamanca. Spanish statistics on technologies and information society show that 90% of millennials use their smartphones or mobile devices every day. Spanish libraries are offering services optimized for mobile contexts. The University of Salamanca Library was the first in Spain with its own app – BiblioUSAL – with updated versions and, furthermore, the website information has been adapted to every type of screen. The use of this service has been evaluated and a new strategy begun based on the conclusions. This presentation will show the library services strategy focused on mobile reading and searching. There are two principal means to attract young students to the library through their mobile devices: searching information and reading documents. The University libraries have a new app that maintains the original app structure (what, where, who), and includes many interesting new features for students, such as metasearch and bibliographic management. The app BiblioUSAL uses the OCLC Worldcat Discovery API to merge all the electronic resources, and a unique authentication system that allows a user to download the documents and read it online or offline. In addition, the University has a DRM e-book platform, with many textbooks for students. The platform is called CIELO and can be searched with a mobile device because it uses adaptive technology. CIELO is also integrated into the app, and a student can find an e-book there, identify himself or herself and read the e-book easily. The aim of this presentation is to show how an academic library engages their young patrons using the same tools, the mobile devices, and offers information services.


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