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Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR) is a scientific designation created and managed by the Heritage Stone Subcommission – HSS (IUGS) to enhance the geological knowledge, use and conservation of natural stones of historical importance worldwide.

The IGCP-637 aimed at the designation of international Heritage Stones, focussing on those from emerging countries, improving the GHSR list and explaining their cultural evolution during the centuries.

By the end of IGCP-637, a total of 22 natural stones were ratified by IUGS EC, with their publication in highly recognized journals, preferable in Episodes, the flagship publication of IUGS (see final report).

HSS leaders the UNESCO IGCP-637: Heritage Stones Designations:

An interim list of stones was created with the aim of pointing to some of the most deserving Heritage Stones to be recognized with the IUGS standard:

Interim list1024_1


By the end of the IGCP-637 (1st edition):

Estado Interim List

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