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Leaders and Participants

Several participants in IGCP-746 are also involved in an ERASMUS+ project (SUGERE: Sustainable Sustainability and Wise Use of Geological Resources), a Capacity Building project to help African Portuguese-speaking countries to develop university degrees in Geology. Students and young researchers that have been involved in SUGERE will be the seed to involve more members of this collective, with emphasis in female scientists at all levels.


Project Leader(s) information:

Dolores Pereira (

Department of Geology, University of Salamanca, Spain

  • Ferdinalda Nuvunga

Geological and Mining Engineering -ISCTEM, Mozambique

  • Esther Holden Baptista

Instituto Superior Politécnico Tundavala, Angola

  • Rosalda Punturo

Researcher in Petrology and Petrography at the Dpt. Of Geological Sciences, University of Catania, Italy

  • Nelson Edgar Viegas Rodrigues

Earth Sciences Department – University of Coimbra, Portugal

  • Rafael Navarro

Senior geologist at Minera de Orgiva S.L.

Minera de Orgiva S.L., Spain

  • Nellie Mutemeri

School of Mining Engineering, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

  • Aurora Cuaiela João Mateus Bambi Dias dos Santos

Departamento de Geologia, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade Agostinho Neto de Luanda (UAN), Angola

Project Secretary:

  •  Vera Isabel Barros Alfama

Universidade de Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde

 Other participants:

  • Antonio Olimpio Gonçalves Pedro (Angola)
  • Hugo Pinto (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Serafín Monterrubio (University of Salamanca, Spain)
  • Irina Liudimila de F. Miranda Miguel (Angola)
  • Sónia M. D. M. Silva Victória (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Cabo Verde)
  • Giovanna Antonella Dino ( University of Torino, Italy)
  • Andrea Bloise (University of Calabria, Italy)
  • Juan José Tejado Ramos  (INTROMAC, Cáceres, Spain)


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