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Activities 2022:

EGU 2022, Vienna, Austria

Sustainable sustainability and Wise use of Geological Resources
Ferdinalda at EGU

“Geosciences for a sustainable future” Turín, Italy. 19th-21st Septembre 2022

IGCP-746 Contributions to the meeting:

- Punturo R., Ricchiuti C., Pereira D. & Bloise A. Potentially toxic elements (PTEs) related to asbestos fibres of chrysotile, tremolite and actinolite in the Calabria and Basilicata regions (Italy)

- Hindi N., Tejado J.J. & Pereira D. How to sustainably rehabilitate a heritage site after an anthropogenic crisis. The case of Beirut

- Sánchez Fabián J.A. & Salman Monte K. Geoparks as tools for communicating geoscience: A local approach to understand the importance of geology in cultural heritage and human activities

- Punturo R., Indelicato V., Fazio E., Lanzafame G., Maniscalco R., Muschella L., Bloise A.& Cirrincione R. The asphaltic limestone of the Hyblean Plateau (SE Sicily): from mines to the Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto UNESCO site and to European cities

- Mancini S., Dino G.A., Pereira D., Holden Baptista E., de Ferro Miranda Miguel I.L., Nuvunga F., Silva Victória S., Lasagna M., Bonetto S., De Luca D.A. & Rodrigues N. Cooperation projects between EU and Africa towards a more effective sustainable mining. Some case studies: SUGERE and IGCP-746.

- Alfama V., Pinto H., Navarro R., Tejado J.J, Mutemeri N., Punturo R. & Pereira D. Challenges for the extration of raw materials: sustainability and education for transforming mining industry.

IGCP-746 poster at Torino 2022

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