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Seminar: Looking for raw materials: from meteorites to other planets, other than Earth.

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In 1984, IUGS approved the new Commission on Comparative Planetology. It was clear
at the time that the Earth should go global and other planets should be researched.
The Commission ended the activities in 2000, but now more tan ever it is clear that
other planets can be our allies in the search of natural resources. For this reason, the
IGCP-746 has started to expand its main objective of studying natural resources on
Earth and is looking for strategies to obtain critical raw materials in other planets and
also the Moon, revisiting the ethical matters related to that.
This November, Dr. Martínez Frías gave a seminar to students and staff at the
University of Salamanca in the context of the IGCP-746. Dr Martínez Frías, being an
expert in this subject, explained to a forum of more than twenty people, including
ERASMUS students and International students, how to think of exploring other planets
for economic reason is not science fiction.

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