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Lola Pereira


  • One of the objectives of this project is to present good practices in mining. Mining for commodities do not have to imply the destruction of the environment and the landscape, and for this reason we have involved geologists and other professionals with Earth Sciences background working for mining companies or close related to the extraction of raw materials in a friendly environment.
  • Another objective of this project is to promote transparency when transferring knowledge. It is true that some raw materials can be controversial, but the only way to avoid health risks is to know about them and to know how to decrease or totally erase this risk. It is the case of asbestos and fiber minerals, and also natural radioactivity related to natural stones and construction, or elements such as Radon in underground mines and facilities. For this reason, we have included as participants scientists with high expertise in those subjects.
  • Also, we seek to improve the visibility of women working in science, and this objective, transversal to the whole project, will be achieved by involving several women from Europe and Africa, both in the leadership of the project and in the participants list. But we also make an effort to include young female researchers in all the funded activities that will take place in our project.


 Having these objectives in mind, our project will tackle different social challenges, all of them part of the priorities for the strategy and concerns to keep citizens from all around the world safe and healthy. The most important will be related to health, demographic change and wellbeing, environment and raw materials, inclusive, innovative, and reflective societies, and secure societies. At the same time, the project will be related to many of the sustainable development goals to transform the world, as mentioned above.

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