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And us, we are a-roarin’

  Why him? That I wonder too. The chance had been there for so long that it had become sort of what I call an elevator remark – if you feel stupid talking to your neighbor about the weather, you can always say ‘Hey, he’s been nominated again’. I guess it was even good that he should be […]

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As I lay dying. A Southern-stereotyped appreciation

  It dont need to be no good just cause it is by Faulkner, but anyway I reckon it is. It certainly aint no The sound and the fury, for the surprise with all the style and narrative construction stuff must been lost by now if you have read them earlier books. But still it […]

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At first

  At last I found a place where I can write without being read. Leaving aside the blackboard, that is. Just inaugurated my own public and overexposed blog no one should be interested in peeking at. I wonder why I felt like starting in English. The thought that I might be forgetting my roots and betraying […]

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