Miguel Ángel Aijón Oliva
But just say the word

As I lay dying. A Southern-stereotyped appreciation


It dont need to be no good just cause it is by Faulkner, but anyway I reckon it is. It certainly aint no The sound and the fury, for the surprise with all the style and narrative construction stuff must been lost by now if you have read them earlier books. But still it is somethin quite special in its own way. The story, the characters, the words lingered in my mind after the readin and I was left longin for more and more of it all. The fellow ought to written two hundred more pages at the very least. But then it all mighta proved less powerful and enduring, so I wouldnt begrudge him it.

I be durn if this aint also one mysterious book. There is certainly rather more to it than it seems at first, and I reckon you only start realizin upon later reflection. Motivations, symbols, secrets; there aint nothing innocent or hazardous in them folks’ world. The ridiculous odyssey of the Bundrens through this wild Mississippi is just that of humankind with all of its contradictions and miseries; a trip that is doomed to failure from the start, but still no man cant do other than keep a-travellin. Why, there is also a-plenty of poetry amidst all this dirt and brutality.


The wide variety of narrators, each with their own style (a quite standard one in some cases), jointly build the story just like Cash hammers and saws as he builds the box. Even late Addie takes the floor in one sequence and gives us some keys to her feelings about her husband and children. But the central character is the second son, Darl, a privileged intelligence far above everyone and everything that surrounds him, as reflected in his own language, and who for some reason is able to discover the secrets of his siblings Jewel and Dewey Dell. He causes suspicion all around this primitive society, and it is little wonder that his family should be quite willing to do away with him when his insanity is ultimately revealed. Intelligence and madness are difficult to tell apart. Sho, that aint nothing new in literature.



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