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Narrativas de resiliencia
Enfoques interseccionales sobre literatura y otras representaciones culturales contemporáneas

This project aims to explore the notion of resilience in contemporary cultural and literary representations from a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives: trauma studies, affect theory, care ethics, post-colonialism, indigeneity, diaspora, citizenship studies and human rights, among others. Understanding that these representations may function as narrative ethics, informing public opinion on the damage caused by inequality, violence and injustice, and imagining ways to overcome and prevent them, this project questions, nevertheless, popular discourses of resilience which rather simplistically legitimize the increasing risk and instability of liquid modernity.


In conversation with its coordinated project –“Justice, Citizenship and Vulnerability: Precarious Narratives and Intersectional Approaches”– it is designed as an extension of the multidisciplinarity and interaction within the framework of comparative literature. The reseach team is made up by specialists in World literatures and cultures. In addition, it establishes links with various international research networks– Challenging Precarity: A Global Network, International Research Network on Memory and Narrative, (U. of Aarhus, Denmark); Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies, (U. of Manitoba).

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