Recent Events (2016)

Silvia awarded with a Postdoc fellowship

SNSFSilvia has been awarded with an Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) for a period of 12 months. Since June 2016, she is a postdoctoral research fellow at Dublin City University (DCU), under the supervision of Dr. Sharon O’Brien, principal investigator of the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies (CTTS) of the School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (SALIS).

PhD Viva Voce Examination – Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez

Silvia with the PhD Examination Board, on the day of the Viva VoceLast 13th May 2016, Silvia successfully defended her PhD doctoral work, entitled “Assuring accessibility during web localisation: an empirical investigation on the achievement of appropriate text alternatives for images“, co-supervised by Dr. Jesús Torres del Rey, research leader of the Cod.eX group, and Prof. Dr. Pierrette Bouillon, director of the Department of Translation Technology (TIM) at the University of Geneva (UNIGE). Silvia’s PhD studied on the transfer and implementation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 during the web localisation process, placing particular emphasis on the improvement of the appropriateness of text alternatives for images.

She obtained a Joint Doctoral Degree (in Translation and intercultural mediation, by the University of Salamanca, and in Multilingual Information Processing, by the University of Geneva) and received the highest grade from both universities. Her PhD examination board included the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Pierrette Bouillon, co-supervisor, FTI, Université de Genève (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Jesús Torres del Rey, co-supervisor, Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)
  • Dr. Juan David González-Iglesias González, President, Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)
  • Dr. Christopher Exton, Localisation Research Centre, University of Limerick (Ireland)
  • Dr. Nikolaos Tsourakis, FTI, Université de Genève (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Manuel Mata Pastor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
  • Dr. Anton Bolfing, suplente, Fondation Accès pour tous (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Peter Sandrini, suplente, Universität Innsbruck (Austria)

13th Web for All Conference

WebAllSilvia presented her paper “Measuring the Impact of Automated Evaluation Tools on Alternative Text Quality: a Web Translation Study” at the 13th Web for All Conference, held in Montreal, Canada, from 11th to 13th April 2016.


Localisation Focus – Volumes 13 and 14

Localisation Focus
Two new volumes of the localisation peer-reviewed journal “Localisation Focus” have been recently published. Volume 13 includes the paper “In-context online localisation tools: the case study of Reverso Localize” co-authored by Lucía. Volumen 14 is an special issue on standards where Jesús and Lucía were part of the guest editorial board. The paper “Teaching XLIFF to translators and localisers”, included in volume 14, narrates our experience in teaching XLIFF.

12th Web for All Conference

WebAllSilvia has participated in the 12th Web for All (W4A) Conference that was held in Florence, Italy, between 18 and 20 May 2015. Her paper was one of the nominees for the Best Communication Paper Award. Silvia has also offered a demo of Acrolinx in the VIII The Paciello Group Web Accessibility Challenge; the video is available on YouTube.

XXIV International World Wide Web Conference

Silvia participated in the 1st International Workshop on Multilingual Web Access, collocated with the XXIV International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2015), on May 19th. She presented her paper “Exploring Current Accessibility Challenges in the Multilingual Web for Visually-Impaired Users”.

EAMT Workshop on Teaching Machine Translation to Translator Trainers

European Association for Machine Translation

Jesús attended the EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation) Workshop on Teaching Machine Translation to Translator Trainers, hosted by the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies (CTTS) of Dublin City University (DCU). It took place in this Irish university on April 30th and May 1st.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology



The first edition of the “Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology” has been published. This encyclopedia includes the paper “Bitext” co-authored by Lucía.



Silvia participated in the “ACM Student Research Competition (SRC)”  as part of the ASSETS 2014 conference. This annual event is organised by the digital accessibility interest group SIGACCESS of the ACM association. This year’s edition took place in Rochester, NY, USA in October.

Équivalences 2014

ASSTILucía and Silvia presented their paper “Beyond Traditional Computer-Assisted Translation Tools: a Localisation Perspective” at the conference “Équivalences 2014″ organised annually by the Swiss association of translators, terminologists and interpreters (ASTTI). The event took place in Bern in October, Switzerland.

XIV Jornada de AETER

Asociación Española de TerminologíaOn September 26th, Jesús participated in the roundtable “Terminology today: applications and best practices”, within the 14th Seminar of the Spanish Association of Terminology, which took place at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His topic was the integration of terminology management in the processes and tools for the translator and the localiser.

Computerm 2014

Coling 2014Jesús and Nava Maroto presented the poster “Building the interface between experts and linguists in the detection and characterisation of neology in the field of neurosciences”, at the 4th Computerm Workshop, which took place in Dublin on August 23rd, in the framework of the Coling 2014 Conference (25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics). The poster has been prepared within the FFI2012-34596 research project (NEURONEO) and is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

didTRAD Conference 2014

Dicttrad1On behalf of the Cod.eX Research Group, Jesús presented his paper “La formación de localizadores en los estudios de traducción: un enfoque comunicativo, objetual y social” in the DidTrad Conference 2014 (II Seminario de especialización en didáctica de la traducción) organised by the PACTE Research Group. He also presented the paper “De alumnos aplicados a profesionales reflexivos: la gestión integral de un proyecto de traducción”, together with Joaquín García Palacios. The conference took place in July 2014 in Barcelone, Spain.

Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC)

LREC2014Silvia presented her paper entitled “Applying Accessibility-Oriented Controlled Language (CL) Rules to Improve Appropriateness of Text Alternatives for Images: an Exploratory Study” at the 9th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC) organised by the European Language Resources Association. LREC 2014 was  held during the week of 26-31 May 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Fifth XLIFF Symposium

XLIFF LogoJesús and Lucía were  members of the scientific committee of the fifth XLIFF Symposium. This event took place on the first week of June 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Lucía and Silvia presented their paper “Teaching XLIFF to translators and localisers” at the same event.

The Journal of Specialised Translation

JostransThe latest version of the Jostrans (The Journal of Specialised Translation) journal has been published. It includes a paper written by Jesús and Emilio on the localisation of dynamic web sites.

1st International Young Researchers’ Conference on Translation and Interpreting

Lucía attended to the 1st International Young Researchers’ Conference on Translation and Interpreting as keynote speaker. The conference took place at the University of Alcalá, Spain, on the 7th and 8th November 2013. She presented a talk entitled “Empirical research using translation memories”.

15th ACM SIGACCESS International Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Assests LogoSilvia presented at the 15th ACM SIGACCESS International Conference on Computers and Accessibility, held in Seattle, USA on the 15th of October 2013. She presented the paper “Multilingual Website Assessment for Accessibility: a Survey on Current Practices”.

Colloque International: Comment peut-on être traducteur/interprète ?

Silvia presented at the “Colloque International: Comment peut-on être traducteur/interprète ?” her paper entitled “Web accessibility training as an added-value for future localisation professionals”. The conference took place in Cluj, Rumania on the 11th October.

Methodological Challenges for Contemporary Translator Educators

mccte logo

Lucía presented with María del Mar Sánchez Ramos their paper “Teaching localisation: new challenges and new methodological approaches” at the Methodological Challenges for Contemporary Translator Educators’ conference, held on the second week of October 2013 in Krakow, Poland.

Traduire pour le grand public

Silvia presented the paper “Accessible images for all? The importance of image contextualisation during the localisation process” at the Traduire pour le grand public conference. The conference took place on the 14th of September 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. In the same conference, Lucía and Silvia, together with Prof. Pierrette Bouillon, have presented the paper “Quality in translated web forum user-generated content: results from an empirical study”.

Machine Translation Summit XIV

mtSummitLucía and Silvia, together with Prof. Pierrette Bouillon, presented the paper “Comparing forum data post-editing performance using translation memory and machine translation output: a pilot study” at the Machine Translation Summit XIV. The conference took place over five days from 22-26 September 2013 in Nice, France.


Jesús and Lucía were members of the scientific committees of the 4th International XLIFF Symposium and FEISGILTT (Federated Event for Interoperability Standardization in Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation Technologies). Those two events took place over two days from 11-12 June 2013 in London, United Kingdom.).


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