The Cod.eX Research Group was born at the Faculty of Translation and Documentation of the University of Salamanca, Spain. All group members have been undergraduate students, PhD students and/or lecturers in this institution. They have also collaborated with one another in Translation and Localisation research and teaching.

Lucía, Emilio, Silvia and Jesús, members of the Cod.eX Research Group

The name of the group is a combination of various terms and concepts: the codex as one of the initial writing devices in history; code as a fundamental building block in programming and information representation, as well as the (natural or artificial) language protocol allowing us to communicate; intercultural exchange; text and meaning extraction via metalanguages and technologies such as XML; information-structuring <markup>; different dexterities in the use of technologies, and the need to make them accessible.

The main objectives of Cod.eX are: research and teaching in the localisation area from a translation perspective (Translation-Oriented Localisation Studies- TOLS), the combination of the different areas of expertise of our members, and the dissemination of our results.

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