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Finding proactive features in labour market policies: A reflection based on the evidence


Very proud of being part of the series of Future of Work Research Papers, launched by the ILO. My paper is a reflection on different features of labour market policies, reviewing a lot of empirical evidence around the world and focusing on the impact evaluations of active labour market policies in developed and developing countries.
Just to have a taste: I remark how developed and developing countries have arrived at a join implementation of active and passive policies. In developed countries (mainly in the OECD area), it was through the activation strategy, and in developing countries thanks to the ‘quiet revolution’ of the social protection floors. While in developed countries activation measures were implemented to shorten unemployment spells improving workers capacities with different active policies, in developing countries the enhancement of social protection floors provided income transfers jointly with different active policies, many times including conditionality (as in the case of graduation or ‘ultrapoor’ policies).
More in the paper

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