Jaume Masip
Department of Social Psychology and Anthropology
Archive | June 2, 2012

Police officers and community members get stuck to their beliefs about behavioral deception cues despite their experience showing that other kinds of information are far more revealing

Masip, J., & Herrero, C. (in press). Police detection of deception: Beliefs about behavioral cues to deception are strong even though contextual evidence is more useful. Journal of Communication. doi:10.1111/jcom.12135 Research questions the validity of behavioral deception cues; however, people believe behavioral cues are reliable deception indicators. Police officers and community members indicated both how […]

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Can we detect lies with computers? Linguistic deception cues.

Hauch, V., Blandón-Gitlin, I., Masip, J., & Sporer, S. L. (in press). Are computers effective lie detectors? A meta-analysis of linguistic cues to deception. Personality and Social Psychology Review. doi:10.1177/1088868314556539 (Download) This meta-analysis investigates linguistic cues to deception and whether these cues can be detected with computer programs. We integrated operational definitions for 79 cues from […]

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