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Jesús Lacal
Profesor Titular. Área de Genética. Departamento de Microbiología y Genética. Universidad de Salamanca
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Research line: Functional Genetics of Rare Diseases

In Laboratory 324 at the Faculty of Biology we work in collaboration with the “Castilla y León” Regional Reference Unit in the Advanced Diagnosis of Rare Diseases, to study rare diseases in patients with mutations in genes involved in Ras-regulated signaling pathways. In the lab we investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying these syndromes. We also focus on the study of signaling routes that lead to tumor processes and that generate various types of cancer. Our results will be able to provide valuable information in the understanding of rare diseases such as Legius syndrome, neurofibromatosis type 1 and Noonan syndrome, to offer a Personalized Precision Medicine as well as a better understanding of more complex processes such as cancer in which these routes are altered.

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 Dr. Lacal is the principal investigator of the group Functional Genetics of Rare Diseases, he is part of the Recognized Research Group (GIR) “Allergology” of the University of Salamanca, as well as part of the IIMD-01 Allergology Group of the Biomedical research institute of Salamanca (IBSAL).

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