Department of English Studies. 65th Anniversary
Departamento de Filología Inglesa. 65º aniversario

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The United Kingdom



South Africa


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February 27-28, 2017: Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes. lawrence hill

Bestselling and multiple award -winning Canadian author Lawrence Hill discusses his two most recent novels: The Book of Negroes and The Illegal.

Autor canadiense de diez libros, entre los que se encuentran las aclamadas novelas The Illegal y The Book of Negroes (Premio de Escritores de la Commonwealth, el Premio Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, y premio Canada Reads de la Radio Canadiense CBC)
No pierdas la oportunidad de conocerle asistiendo a su charla y a la lectura de su obra.

27 February (Juan del Enzina, 13:00-14:30): “Faction: The Merging of Fiction and History in The Book of Negroes.”

28 February (Juan del Enzina, 13:00-14:30): “The Illegal: Creating imaginary nations to engage fictionally with international refugee issues.”



March 13, 2017 (Juan del Enzina, 13:00-14:30): “Canadá: Horizonte de é

Briefing about studying and working in Canada, by the Canadian Embassy in Madrid.

Sesión informativa sobre estudios y trabajo en Canadá a cargo de la Embajada de Canadá en Madrid.



March 31, 2017 (Auditorio, Facultad de Traducción, 13:00):

Asha Varadharajan (Queens University, Kingston, ON): ”Disappearing Air India and the Dreams of Diaspora.


April 19, 2017 (Aula Minor, 9:15):

Winfried Siemerling (Waterloo University, ON), author of The Black Atlantic Reconsidered: “Sites of Memory and Critical Black Canadian Memory Culture.”


The United Kingdom

March 2, 2017:

Prof. Matthew O. Grenby (Newcastle University): “Children’s Literature Studies: Where We Are Now, and Where We Can Go.


March 8, 2017 (Aula 17, Anayita, Facultad de Filología)

Prof. Nalini Boodhoo, Professor of Language Education in the School of Lifelong Learning (East Anglia University): “Exploring Intercultural Understanding in the Secondary Education Curriculum.”


March 9, 2017 (Aula 117, EU de Magisterio de Zamora):

Prof. Nalini Boodhoo, Professor of Language Education in the School of Lifelong Learning, East Anglia University. “Teaching Languages to Young Learners.”


British Literature on the Threshold: Looking Back to Move Forward

May 4, 2017 (Aula Francisco de Vitoria, Edificio Histórico): “Echoes of the Past to Create Something New.”

11:30D. Tim Hemmings, from the British embassy. “Learning more about the UK: your opportunity to study in Britain.”

12:00Laura Monrós Gaspar (Universidad de Valencia). “From Troy to London and beyond: new theatricalities and the performance of epic in Victorian England.”

13:00Derek Hughes, Prof. Emeritus (University of Aberdeen). “Human Sacrifice and the Creative Imagination.”

May 5, 2017 (Aula Francisco de Vitoria, Edificio Histórico): “Women Writers: Then and Now.”

11:00Miriam Borham (Universidad de Salamanca). “Who we celebrate: Austen, reader and writer.”

12:00Janet Todd, Prof. Emeritus (University of Cambridge). “From Biographer to Novelist: Women Writers and Dominating Men.”

13:00 – Book presentation: A Man of Genius. Janet Todd.



May 19, 2017 (Aula 17, Anayita, 12:00):

Writer M. G. Sanchez and Professor Ana Mª Manzanas. “The Border Within: A Seminar on Gibraltarian Literature.”

The Spanish media frequently refer to the border between Gibraltar and Spain as ‘la verja.’  The Gibraltarian novelist M. G. Sanchez argues that the word ‘verja’ is a misnomer that deliberately underplays the harsh reality regularly witnessed at the border. As Sanchez says: “It is incredible that many people refer to the border as ‘la verja‘, when in reality it is the most “border-like border” within Western Europe. You have all the elements which constitute an old-fashioned border crossing. Armed guards. CC TV cameras. Tall fencing. Constant checking of documentation. Rival flags flying on either side of the divide.” In his presentation ‘The Gibraltar border: a personal history’, Sanchez will talk about how the border has impacted on the lives of ordinary people on both sides of the frontier, including on members of his own family. He will use photographs, video clips, as well as textual selections from his own books to reveal a side of the border that is rarely covered by the mainstream media. “It is the human cost associated with border problems that I most want to focus upon,” M. G. Sanchez says, referring to his forthcoming talk at USAL. “Because that is the one element that always seems to be missing from the debate.”


End of September 2017 (dates to be confirmed): Luther’s Reform and its Impact on Anglo-Hispanic Cultures and Relations.

Charlas a cargo de expertos, exposición y concierto.


Other speakers and dates to be confirmed.



March 14, 2017 (Aula Magna, Facultad de Filología):

11:30 Inés Praga (Universidad de Burgos): “(Un)happy Memories: Portraits of Childhood and Youth in Irish Literature.”
12:15 Marisol Morales (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares): “Has a global economy produced a global literature and culture in Ireland?”
13:00 Román Álvarez (Universidad de Salamanca): “Las conexiones históricas entre la Universidad de Slamanca e Irlanda.”

Cierra el acto David Cooney, Excmo. Sr. Embajador de Irlanda.



November 24, 2017:

17:00 Introduction and film projection The Namesake (2006), VOSE

November 27, 2017:

10:15 Juan Ignacio Oliva Cruz (President AEEII, Universidad de La Laguna): “Mythological and Environmental India through Indo-English Literary Texts”

11:15 Antonia Navarro Tejero (Coordinator of Seminario de Estudios Permanentes sobre India, Universidad de Córdoba): “Dismantling/Constructing the Concept of India through Visuals”

12:15 Alejandra Moreno Álvarez (Universidad de Oviedo): “Encoding/Decoding Indian Texts”

13:00 Recital and performances

16:30 Práctica artística a lo largo de la ciudad


South Africa

October 9, 2017:

Rajend Mesthrie (University of Cape Town): “La situación sociolingüística en Sudáfrica / English variation”.
Pedro Álvarez (Universidad de Salamanca).

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