Department of English Studies. 65th Anniversary
Departamento de Filología Inglesa. 65º aniversario

Symposium: Narratives of Resistance and Radical Resurgence from Canada/Turtle Island

0Flyer-1At a time marked by a global backlash against human rights, global warming, environmental destruction, the crisis of global capitalism and the perception of the involution of social justice and equality, this Symposium on Narratives of Resistance and Radical Resurgence offers to look at the intersection of politics and aesthetics in contemporary narratives emerging from that region generally known as Canada, but also named Turtle Island in many of the Indigenous cosmogonies from that part of the world. Special attention will be given to the intertwining of art production and critical and literary activism, protest, and resistance from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
The symposium is structured in two phases: First, a series of lectures and face-to-face seminars led by Ana Fraile, Sophie McCall, David Chariandy and Kit Dobson from February 6-20; secondly, Sara Casco, Lidia Cuadrado and Lucía López Serrano will be in charge of monitoring the online tasks on the materials previously presented and available at USAL’s Moodle platform Studium (Feb. 24-28). (See our leaflet for the speaker’s bio notes, and the Book of Abstracts for a summary of their contributions).
This Symposium covers 30 hours of teaching/learning contact. It is addressed to Faculty, Undergraduate, and Graduate students with an interest in literature and social activism, and with an advanced level of spoken and written English (B2+) and critical skills.

Registration here. Download the Leaflet here. Download the Book of Abstracts here.

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