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Jaume Masip
Department of Social Psychology and Anthropology

“Emotions Revealed” video

Interesting video on the facial expression of emotions. With David Matsumoto and Paul Ekman.  

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Behaviour Analysis Interview and common sense. A study with novice and experienced officers

Masip, J., Barba, A., & Herrero, C. (2012). Behaviour Analysis Interview and common sense. A study with novice and experienced officers. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 19, 21-34. The Behaviour Analysis Interview (BAI) is an interview protocol designed to generate different reactions in guilty and innocent suspects. Masip et al. found that students had the same […]

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Teaching Students About Facial Composites Using the FACES Software

Masip, J., Garrido, E., Herrero, C., Ullán, A. M., & Conde, J. (2012). Teaching students about facial composites using the FACES software. Teaching of Psychology, 39, 137-141. An active learning exercise was carried out in an eyewitness psychology course in which students first built up a facial composite of a famous person using the FACES […]

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Deception detection from written accounts

Masip, J., Bethencourt, M., Lucas, G., Sánchez-San Segundo, M. & Herrero, C. (2012). Deception detection from written accounts. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 53, 103–111. Most research into deception detection in written accounts has been conducted on transcripts instead of written messages, and has focused on identifying valid verbal deception correlates instead of also examining untrained […]

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Entrevista a Suzanne Bennett Johnson, presidenta de la APA

Con el motivo de su visita a España, la presidenta de la American Psychological Association, Suzanne Benett Johnson, fue entrevistada. La enttrevista está accesible en Infocop Online y puedes leerla aquí.

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Writing easy-to-read academic articles. Some tips.

James Hartleydiscusses new approaches to the presentation of titles, abstracts, reader guidance, introductions, methods, results, tables, figures and conclusions to make a scientific article easier to read. His interesting open-access article, which has been published in the International Journal of CLinical and Health Psychology, can be reached here.

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“Do we need more methods?” Short article by Ellen Hamaker

Hellen Hamaker discusses a number of reasons why we do need new methods: first, because current techniques are not appropriate for handling every interesting question that may arise in psychological science; second, because when new data collection methods are designed, new forms of data arise that might require new methods of data analysis; and third, […]

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