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Coercive citations in academic journals

Wilhite and Fong (2012) published a study in Science examining requests that journal editors make to authors to cite superfluous papers published in their journal. Wilhite and Fong analyzed more than 6500 responses from a survey completed by researchers in economics, sociology, psychology, and diverse business disciplines, as well as data from more than 800 […]

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Controversial Science study suggests that analytical thinking promotes religious disbelief

Dual-system theories contend that people can process information through System 1 (heuristic reasoning) or System 2 (analytical reasoning). There is evidence suggesting that intuitive cognitive processes facilitate belief in the supernatural. Gervais and Norenzayan (2012) run a series of five studies to examine whether this was also the case for religious beliefs. The authors concluded […]

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Do you need seveal thousands willing, cheap, multicultural, representative, non-student participants for a psychology study? Then learn about crowdsourcing in this Economist article.

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Harvard University encouraged faculty members to publish research in open access journals

Because of the rise in subscription costs charged by academic publishers, Harvard University has encouraged its faculty members to make their research freely available through open access journals. “We faculty do the research, write the papers, referee papers by other researchers, serve on editorial boards, all of it for free … and then we buy […]

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