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CFP: Form Akademisk Special Issue: Design for Diversity.

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The journal Form Akademisk is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific forum for the documentation of design and design education research, broadly defined. Please, find the journal at

The journal is presently planning a special issue on design for diversity.

Cultural diversity can be defined as the rich variation that exists between different cultures, as opposed to a society marked by a monoculture, such as the global monoculture. The phrase is also sometimes used to denote the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. This has great impact on how products and services should be shaped to satisfy the various socio-cultural and geographic segments of the market. It constitutes a great challenge to designers and design educators. We hope to initiate a broad cross disciplinary discussion on the topic, that addresses all the main dimensions of the theme. Suggested major topics:

  • The dimensions and meanings of cultural diversity
  • Politics and power
  • Transmission and transition of cultures
  • Heritage and innovation
  • Indigenous and vernacular traditions versus fashion
  • Gender cultures
  • Design and learning approaches

The manuscripts should should not exceed 6,000 words and be submitted by November 30th 2017. Please follow the Author Guidelines.

Relevant manuscripts will be subject to double blind peer reviewing, upon which the editorial committee will make its selection.

Astrid Skjerven , Professor PhD, Oslo and Akershus University College of the Applied Sciences (main guest editor):

Richard Daly , PhD, Anthropological consultant, Canadian First Nations:

Liv Lande , PhD, Cultural consultant, Japan’s embassy in Norway (guest editor):

Janne Beate Reitan , Associate Professor, PhD, Oslo and Akershus University College of the Applied sciences, Form Akademisk Editor-in-chief:

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