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Call for papers Special Issue NJSTS: STS, feminism and intersectionality.

Resultado de imagen de mujer y tecnologia

We welcome submissions for a Special Issue on STS, feminism and intersectionality in the peer-reviewed, open access journal Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies to be published in 2017.Submission deadline manuscripts: March 15th 2017

Why “STS, feminism and intersectionality”?

Feminist critique has a long and proud tradition within STS. Today feminist Science- and Technology Studies constitute a wide interdisciplinary research field that includes “feminist technoscience”, “feminist cultural studies of science”, “feminist studies of science and technology” and “technology, gender and science”. As STS is rapidly expanding in scope and application, so is the need for critical investigations of normality, difference and equality in STS. The gender perspective has been vital to this end. However, more recent contributions in the field has highlighted how feminist studies can benefit from expanding beyond gender and integrate theories and perspectives from e.g. postcolonial theory, queer theory, critical race theory and class perspectives.  In other words; it is time for an intersectional approach in STS.

Intersectionality has emerged as a highly potent approach to investigate processes of differentiation and to explore inequality. The supplication of a.o. race and queer perspectives in feminist critique has aptly illustrated how power is entangled in mundane practices and how agency is not always evenly distributed. Thus, we believe not only in the ability for theorizing of intersectionality to inform STS studies, but also the potential for STS studies to contribute to develop such perspectives, in particular the methodological approach to doing intersectional studies.

For this special issue we invite papers that explore and investigate encounters of STS, feminism and intersectional perspectives. Overall the special issue asks questions about how we can understand inequality and processes of differentiation: How is socio-material categories being formatted? How is political desire construed and how does it influence gender, race, sexuality or ability? How can we understand the persistent inequalities, despite institutional goals of equality embedded in the “Nordic Model”?

We especially encourage papers that create strong links between theoretical and empirical insights and their social and political relevance. Nordic countries are seeing widespread attempts to implement policies of equality, yet are still struggling with outdated (and false) dichotomies and constructions of gender. Furthermore, such policies tend to be dominated by measures emphasizing equal representation, and rarely incorporates intersectional approaces. Thus we consider the need and interest for nuanced and critical investigations of gender and equality to be high.

The manuscripts should relate to a Nordic location. Meaning it research that investigates Nordic cases, is written by Nordic researchers or discusses theories to be applied in this endeavor. Nordic scholars have been central in developing feminist STS in various fields, and this special issue aim to continue and bolster this work.

Topics of interest

The special issue will combine invited and submitted manuscripts critically investigating new stories, imaginaries, practices and assemblages of gender, technology and science. In this special issue we aim at exploring the potential of feminist and intersectional approaches to STS, welcoming papers that address the following topics:

  • Empirical investigations of  gender, or other categories/processes of differentiation, in the making, application and translations of science
  • Empirical investigations of  gender, or other categories/processes of differentiation, in the development, use and negotiation of technology
  • Critical investigations of how “The Equality Paradox” is constructed and reproduced
  • Intersectionality and STS; How did we get here? What could the future hold?
  • STS in the face of new critical traditions, eg. new materialism, posthumanism, critical race studies, disability studies, postcolonial theory a.o.
  • The history of feminist critique in STS; What is our legacy? What is our future?

The list of topics is suggestive, rather than exclusive, and if in doubt, we encourage contributors to contact the editors with any ideas for potentially suitable papers.

In addition the thematic approaches listed above, we are particularly interested in manuscripts with the following qualities:

  • Easy to read: A style of communication that is well suited for cross disciplinary readings
  • Contemporary: Links analysis and arguments to current controversies
  • Bottom-up: Research that analyses from the ground up
  • Solutions and positions: Papers that propose future action based on their analysis


Nordic Journal of Science and Technology (NJSTS) is an open-access academic journal launched in 2013. We publish two annual issues, and have published a successful special issue on “Writing Nature”.  The journal’s aim is to strengthen the Nordic STS community, Nordic researchers, or researchers looking at STS phenomena in a Nordic setting, or with a Nordic gaze.

We encourage contributions from different fields, including anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, history, philosophy, political science and media studies, with an interest in the interrelationship between science, technology and society.

Submitting articles

Find information about submitting articles at our web page,

Author guidelines for submission can be found here:

NJSTS is a non-profit journal committed Open Access. To cover the cost publishing we charge a Publication Fee of 5000 NOK for accepted manuscripts. We expect this cost to be covered by earmarked funding at research institutions and programs, but The Article Processing Charge (APC) will be waivered for those who do not have this privilege.

Read more about the APC here:

Who is behind it?

The editors of NJSTS are currently based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, supported by highly merited national and international editorial boards.

See our whole editorial board and international advisory board here:

Editors of this special issue is:

Any questions or general inquires can be made to the editor at

On behalf of the NJSTS editorial collective,

Siri Øyslebø Sørensen and Kristine Ask

Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies

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