Carlos Hernández García
Grupo de Investigación en Óptica Extrema


My name is Carlos Hernández García and I am working as a Research Associate at JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder (US). I have been awarded with a post-doctoral Marie Curie fellowship, that will be carried out during the next two years at JILA, University of Colorado, in Becker’s group (also in collaboration with Kapteyn and Murnane’s group), and the third year at the University of Salamanca.

I obtained my PhD in the University of Salamanca (January 2013), in the Research Group in Extreme Optics, under the supervision of Prof. Luis Plaja. The title of my PhD thesis was Coherent attosecond sources based on high-order harmonic generation: influence of the propagation effects. (Download PhD thesis in PDF). My fields of interest are Ultraintense and Ultrashort Laser Sources, Laser-matter Interaction, High-order Harmonic Generation and Propagation, Attosecond and Zeptosecond Physics, Quantum Path Interferences, Plasma Physics and Compression of Ultrashort Laser Pulses.

You can have a quick look at my Scientific Publications,  the Press releases of scientific articles in which I was involved, and at my blog Attociencia en Colorado (in Spanish).

Latest publications:

“Targeting multiple rescatterings through VUV-controlled high-order-harmonic generation”, M. R. Miller, C. Hernández-García, A. Jaron-Becker, and A. Becker, Physical Review A  90, 053409 (2014). Published 7 November 2014.

“Generation of bright isolated attosecond soft X-ray pulses driven by multicycle midinfrared lasers”, Ming-Chang Chen, Christopher Mancuso, Carlos Hernández-García, Franklin Dollar, Ben Galloway, Dimitar Popmintchev, Pei-Chi Huang, Barry Walker, Luis Plaja, Agnieszka A. Jaroń-Becker, Andreas Becker, Margaret M. Murnane, Henry C. Kapteyn, and Tenio PopmintchevProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2014). Published 22 May 2014.

“Signature of the transversal coherence length in high-order harmonic generation”, C. Hernández-García, I. J. Sola, and L. PlajaPhysical Review A 88, 043848 (2013). Published 31 October 2013.

“Attosecond Extreme Ultraviolet vortices from high-order harmonic generation”, Carlos Hernández-García, Antonio Picón, Julio San Román, and Luis PlajaPhysical Review Letters 111, 083602 (2013). Published 23 August 2013.

“Zeptosecond High Harmonic keV X-Ray Waveforms Driven by Midinfrared Laser Pulses”, C. Hernández-García, J. A. Pérez-Hernández, T. Popmintchev, M. Murnane and H. Kapteyn, A. Jaron-Becker, A. Becker , L. Plaja, Physical Review Letters 111, 033002 (2013). Published 18 July 2013. Highlighted in APS (Quickening the pulse), Nature (Images on a subatomic scale),  and Physics World (How to make zeptosecond X-ray pulses).


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