Carlos Hernández García
Photonics and Laser Applications Group


PhD in Physics (January 2013, Download PhD thesis in PDF). Currently working as a Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellow at University of Salamanca (Spain), in the Research Group in Photonics and Laser Applications (ALF-USAL), under the supervision of Prof. Luis Plaja. During the last two years, and within the Marie Curie fellowship, I conducted postdoctorate research at JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder, in the AMO theory group of Andreas Becker and Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, also in collaboration with the experimental group of Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane.

Fields of interest: Laser-matter Interaction, Ultrafast Phenomena, Nonlinear Optics, High-order Harmonic Generation and Propagation, Attosecond and Zeptosecond Physics,  and Orbital Angular Momentum, among others.

Usal TV interview (in Spanish):

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You can have a quick look at my Scientific Publications,  the Press releases of scientific articles in which I was involved, and at my blog Attociencia en Colorado (in Spanish).

Recent Press releases: 

Miden las ondas de rayos X más complejas generadas hasta la fecha. Agencia DICYT (Spain).  19 February 2016.

Y se hizo la luz invisible. El Mundo (Spain).  2 February 2016.

Lasers trigger X-rays efficiently. Nature (USA) 10 December 2015.

Investigadores de la Usal desarrollan un láser de rayos X a partir de la radiación ultravioleta. El Norte de Castilla (Spain).  5 December 2015.

Recent publications:

“Schemes for generation of isolated attosecond pulses of pure circular polarization, C. Hernández-García, C. G. Durfee, D. D. Hickstein, T. Popmintchev, A. Meier, M. M. Murnane, H. C. Kapteyn, I. J. Sola, A. Jaron-Becker, and A. BeckerPhysical Review A 93, 043855 (2016). Published 28 April 2016Selected by the editors of Physical Review A to be an Editors’ Suggestion.

“Tomographic reconstruction of circularly polarized high-harmonic fields: 3D attosecond metrology”, C. Chen, Z. Tao, C. Hernández-García, P. Matyba, A. Carr, R. Knut, O. Kfir, D. Zusin, C. Gentry, P. Grychtol, O. Cohen, L. Plaja, A. Becker, A. Jaron-Becker, H. Kapteyn, M. Murnane, Science Advances 2, e1501333 (2016). Published 19 February 2016.

“High-order harmonic generation driven by pulses with angular spatial chirp”, Carlos Hernández-García, Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, Daniel Hickstein, Andreas Becker, and Charles G. Durfee, Physical Review A93, 023825 (2016). Published 18 February 2016.

“Resolving multiple rescatterings in high-order-harmonic generation”, Carlos Hernández-García and Luis Plaja, Physical Review A 93, 023402 (2016), Published 2 February 2016.

“Continuous spectra in high-harmonic generation driven by multicycle laser pulses”, W. Holgado, C. Hernández-García, B. Alonso, M. Miranda, F. Silva, L. Plaja, H. Crespo, and I. J. Sola, Physical Review A 93, 013816 (2016), Published 13 January 2016.

“Ultraviolet surprise: Efficient soft x-ray high-harmonic generation in multiply ionized plasmas”, Dimitar Popmintchev, Carlos Hernández-García, Franklin Dollar, Christopher Mancuso, Jose A. Pérez-Hernández, Ming-Chang Chen, Amelia Hankla, Xiaohui Gao, Bonggu Shim, Alexander L. Gaeta, Maryam Tarazkar, Dmitri A. Romanov, Robert J. Levis, Jim A. Gaffney, Mark Foord, Stephen B. Libby, Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, Andreas Becker, Luis Plaja, Margaret M. Murnane, Henry C. Kapteyn, Tenio Popmintchev, Science 350, 1225-1231 (2015), Published 3 December 2015.

“Bright circularly polarized soft X-ray high harmonics for X-ray magnetic circular dichroism”, Tingting Fan, Patrik Grychtol, Ronny Knut, Carlos Hernández-García, Daniel D. Hickstein, Dmitriy Zusin, Christian Gentry, Franklin J. Dollar, Christopher A. Mancuso, Craig W. Hogle, Ofer Kfir, Dominik Legut, Karel Carva, Jennifer L. Ellis, Kevin M. Dorney, Cong Chen, Oleg G. Shpyrko, Eric E. Fullerton, Oren Cohen, Peter M. Oppeneer, Dejan B. Milošević, Andreas Becker, Agnieszka A. Jaroń-Becker, Tenio Popmintchev, Margaret M. Murnane, and Henry C. Kapteyn, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (46) 14206-14211 , (2015). Published online 3 November 2015.

“Noncollinear generation of angularly isolated circularly polarized high harmonics”, D. Hickstein, F. Dollar, P. Grychtol, J. Ellis, R. Knut, C. Hernández-García, D. Zusin, C. Gentry, J. Shaw, T. Fan, K. Dorney, A. Becker, A. Jaron-Becker, M. Murnane, H. Kapteyn, and C. Durfee, Nature Photonics 9, 743-751 (2015)Published online 21 September 2015.

“Quantum-path signatures in attosecond helical beams driven by optical vortices”, C. Hernández-García, J. San Román, L. Plaja, and A. Picón, New Journal of Physics 17093029 (2015). Published 17 September 2015. Highlighted in IOPselect (


The x-ray laser:

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