Carlos Hernández-García
Photonics and Laser Applications Group


PhD in Physics (January 2013). Currently working as a Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellow at University of Salamanca (Spain), in the Research Group in Photonics and Laser Applications (ALF-USAL), with Prof. Luis Plaja. During the last two years, and within the Marie Curie fellowship, I conducted postdoctorate research at JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder, in the AMO theory group of Andreas Becker and Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, also in collaboration with the experimental group of Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane.

Fields of interest: Laser-matter Interaction, Ultrafast Phenomena, Nonlinear Optics, High-order Harmonic Generation and Propagation, Attosecond and Zeptosecond Physics,  Orbital and Spin Angular Momentum, among others.

Usal TV interview (in Spanish):

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You can have a quick look at my Scientific Publications,  the Press releases of scientific articles in which I was involved, and at my blog Attociencia en Colorado (in Spanish).

Recent Press releases: 

Luz para controlar la materia a escala nanométrica. Agencia DICYT (Spain).  18 October 2016

Miden las ondas de rayos X más complejas generadas hasta la fecha. Agencia DICYT (Spain).  19 February 2016.

Y se hizo la luz invisible. El Mundo (Spain).  2 February 2016.

Lasers trigger X-rays efficiently. Nature (USA) 10 December 2015.

Recent publications:

“Non-perturbative twist in the generation of extreme ultraviolet vortices”, Laura Rego, Julio San Román, Antonio Picón, Luis Plaja, and Carlos Hernández-García, Physical Review Letters 117 163202 (2016). Published 14 October 2016.

“Group velocity matching in high-order harmonic generation driven by mid-infrared lasers”, C. Hernández-García , T. Popmintchev, M. Murnane, H. Kapteyn, L. Plaja, A. Becker, and A. Jaron-Becker, New Journal of Physics 18, 073031 (2016). Published 14 July 2016.

“Schemes for generation of isolated attosecond pulses of pure circular polarization, C. Hernández-García, C. G. Durfee, D. D. Hickstein, T. Popmintchev, A. Meier, M. M. Murnane, H. C. Kapteyn, I. J. Sola, A. Jaron-Becker, and A. BeckerPhysical Review A 93, 043855 (2016). Published 28 April 2016Selected by the editors of Physical Review A to be an Editors’ Suggestion.

“Tomographic reconstruction of circularly polarized high-harmonic fields: 3D attosecond metrology”, C. Chen, Z. Tao, C. Hernández-García, P. Matyba, A. Carr, R. Knut, O. Kfir, D. Zusin, C. Gentry, P. Grychtol, O. Cohen, L. Plaja, A. Becker, A. Jaron-Becker, H. Kapteyn, M. Murnane, Science Advances 2, e1501333 (2016). Published 19 February 2016.

“High-order harmonic generation driven by pulses with angular spatial chirp”, Carlos Hernández-García, Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, Daniel Hickstein, Andreas Becker, and Charles G. Durfee, Physical Review A93, 023825 (2016). Published 18 February 2016.

“Ultraviolet surprise: Efficient soft x-ray high-harmonic generation in multiply ionized plasmas”, Dimitar Popmintchev, Carlos Hernández-García, Franklin Dollar, Christopher Mancuso, Jose A. Pérez-Hernández, Ming-Chang Chen, Amelia Hankla, Xiaohui Gao, Bonggu Shim, Alexander L. Gaeta, Maryam Tarazkar, Dmitri A. Romanov, Robert J. Levis, Jim A. Gaffney, Mark Foord, Stephen B. Libby, Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, Andreas Becker, Luis Plaja, Margaret M. Murnane, Henry C. Kapteyn, Tenio Popmintchev, Science 350, 1225-1231 (2015), Published 3 December 2015.

“Noncollinear generation of angularly isolated circularly polarized high harmonics”, D. Hickstein, F. Dollar, P. Grychtol, J. Ellis, R. Knut, C. Hernández-García, D. Zusin, C. Gentry, J. Shaw, T. Fan, K. Dorney, A. Becker, A. Jaron-Becker, M. Murnane, H. Kapteyn, and C. Durfee, Nature Photonics 9, 743-751 (2015)Published online 21 September 2015.


The x-ray laser:

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