2/07/17, 16:02



PhD Students

Borja Hernández: Strategies for the design of complex units and process integration

Miguel A Delgado: CO2 transport

Antonio Sánchez: Design and operation of renewable based processes

Edgar Martín: Biogas production. Digestate processing

Lidia Sánchez: Flue gas treatment processes

J.A. Luceño: Optimal design of HT units.

Guillermo Galán: Lignocellulosic biomass based integrated facilities.

Manuel Taifouris: Consumer product design

Jose D. Herández (with EPA): Big data on polution control

MSc Students

Maria Prieto: Particle processes

Victor Anteportalatina: Power cycles

Jose E. Roldan: Complex reactors

Elena Blanco: Power from chemicals