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Publication opportunity: Queer Youth Histories, Palgrave.

Resultado de imagen de Queer Youth HistoriesPublication opportunity: Queer Youth Histories, Palgrave

I am currently editing a book called Queer Youth Histories which is under contract with Palgrave to appear in its “Gender and Sexualities in History” book series.

Some information about the focus of the collection is included below.

If you are working on something that you think might be a good fit as a chapter in the book please email me:

Queer Youth Histories:

The heightened profile of queer youth cultures across an array of contexts has given rise to questions about variations in such practices, identifications, politics, experiences and manifestations at different points in time.  Despite significant expansion of LGBT historical scholarship in some areas, research focusing specifically on histories of youth and sexual and gender insubordination remains a fledgling field requiring nurture and growth.  To such ends, this work seeks to bring together scholars researching and writing on queer youth histories.

This research might include:
•   national or transnational historical research focusing on intersections of youth and non-normative or LGBTI sexualities and genders;
•   case-based analyses of particular examples of LGBTIQ youth organizing (such as youth groups, activist work, school cultures);
•   critical engagements with cultural texts (e.g. books, films, music) or events (e.g. concerts, demonstrations, conferences) with significance for queer youth histories;
•   historical examples of young people’s involvement in media and cultural production (e.g. community press, radio broadcasting or fan literatures) connected to non-normative or LGBTI sexualities and genders; and
•   historicizing analyses of cultural representations of queer youth histories (e.g. film, television, published fiction).

This work is also interested in work that reflects on:
•   methodological implications for doing queer youth history;
•   relationships and tensions between queer youth history and the larger field of LGBT/queer historical research; and
•   theoretical reflections on intersections of ideas about youth, history and non-normative/LGBTI sexualities and genders.

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