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Web page of the Research Group "Characterization of Geomaterials"


Welcome to our page!

CHARROCK  is the acronym for Characterization of Rocks. Our Research Group Characterization of Geomaterials (Caracterización de Geomateriales in Spanish) was created in 2005 and recognized as a GIR Research Group (Grupo de Investigación Reconocido in Spanish) by the University of Salamanca that same year. Since then we have been growing in members and in research lines.

We represent the University of Salamanca in the national network CONSTRUROCK, and several members belong to the Heritage Stones Subcommission of the IUGS (HSS:

Our objective is to  link the research done in our institutions with the activities in companies and other institutions around the world. We are part of an international consortium, with public ID number in the Transparency Register: 213420927948-22

We hope we can be in touch with a large community interested in our main subjects using this web page, so do not hesitate sending us a message through the responsible of the Group, Lola Pereira, at


Suscríbete a nuestro boletín por email para recibir actualizaciones.q

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