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Rodrigo Morchón García
Área de Parasitología
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Course 2020/21 at USAL

In Degrees

  • Degree in Biology, University of Salamanca.
    • Parasitology (6 ECTS).
  • Degree in Agricultural Engineering, University of Salamanca.
    • Animal Health (4,5 ECTS).

Masters and other degrees

  • Master’s Degree in Tropical Diseases, University of Salamanca.
    • Advanced Diagnostic Methods in Tropical Diseases.
  • Master’s Degree  in Education Teaching, University of Salamanca.
    • Resources for the speciality of Biology and Geology.
    • Teaching innovation in the speciality of Biology and Geology.
    • Observation Practicum in the speciality of Biology and Geology.
    • Practicum of intervention in the speciality of Biology and Geology.
  • International Postgraduate Programme for Latin America, University of Salamanca.
    • Didactics, resources and innovation of ICT applied to biology (3 ECTS).
  • Master’s Degree in Agronomic Engineering, University of Salamanca.
    • Animal Biotechnology (3 ECTS).
  • University expert in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Editorial Paramericana.
    • Basic diagnostic methods (3 ECTS).
  • Master’s Degree in Animal Production and Health, Technological University TECH.
    • Parasitosis in dogs and cats (3 ECTS).
  • Expert in Health of dogs, cats and other species. 450 hours. TECH Technological University.

Subjects taught on Training and Teaching Innovation in the last 5 years.

  • Practical use and management of mobile devices (DMs) in teaching.
  • Interactive applications for evaluation and participation in the classroom.
  • Kahoot, Plickers, Nearpod in the classroom.
  • Educational use of smartphones and tablets at the University.
  • Toolkit 2.0.
  • Teacher Hotspot (innovation in the classroom).
  • Google Drive and Hangout as a tool in the classroom, in carrying out TFG and TFM, research and management.
  • Personal teaching and learning spaces in the digital environment Google Drive: tools.
  • The social network LinkedIn as a job search tool.
  • Uses of social networks: public or private

Participation in Teaching Innovation Projects

  • Completed: 28

Pills on Google Resources made by ATIC group (Jesús de la Torre Laso, José Manuel Fernández Ábalos, Rodrigo Morchón García)

Other tutorials in which he has participated

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