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Andrea Álvarez-Vázquez – PhD Student


I obtained a BSc in Biochemistry at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Toledo) in 2017. I performed my BSc thesis in the Neuroinflammation Unit at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, where I studied the immune microenvironment of gliomas. Then I obtained a MSc in Neuroscience at the Universidad de Salamanca (2017-2018). During my MSc thesis, I joined the Neurobiochemistry group at the Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León (INCyL), led by Dr. Arantxa Tabernero, where I studied the effect of an anti-tumour cell penetrating peptide based on connexin43 in neural stem cells from the subventricular zone in an in vivo glioma model. In 2019, I obtained a fellowship from the Junta de Castilla y León that’s allowing me to pursue my PhD in Neuroscience in the lab.

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