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Additional Call For Chapters On LGBTI Activism On Post-Soviet (Post-Socialist) Space.

Resultado de imagen de LGBTI Activism russiaWe seek specific proposals for an edited book on LGBTQI+ activism, LGBTQI+ community and relevant state politics to be published early in 2018. We have particular interest in former Soviet republics and especially less covered by existing research Central Asia, but we also consider proposals from the authors writing on Eastern Europe and Balkans.

We welcome proposals from diverse disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, political science, queer/gender/sexuality studies, anthropology, and pubic policy. Interdisciplinary perspectives and empirical research are particularly welcomed.

The volume aims to address a wide range of topics related to LGBTQI rights, issues, and activism in the post-Soviet space from a number of theoretical and methodological perspectives. We welcome proposals covering yet not limited to the themes below:

- emerging or ongoing LGBTQI activism in the post-Soviet space, alliances, tactics, and strategies of LGBTQI movement
- visibility, in/exclusion in LGBTQI movement
- Westernization/Europeanization of LGBTQI movement in the former Soviet republics
- evolving homonationalism in various national/historical/cultural contexts
- heteronormativity and LGBTQI rights and issues in the post-Soviet space
- role and place of different domestic actors in the political struggle of LGBTQI movement
- politicization, institutionalization, NGOization of civil society, and its impact on LGBTQI movement in the post-Soviet space
- place, role, and strategies of LGBTQI movement within domestic/international (geo)political conflicts in the former Soviet republics


5th September 2017: submission of your Expression of Interest including a short abstract (200-250 words), and a biography (150 words).

10th September 2017: feedback to proposers .

1st November 2017: submission of full chapters (8000-10000 words) .

15th November: editorial review and feedback to authors .

1st December 2017: submission of final manuscripts

Contact for contributions and additional information to the editors:

Radzhana Buyantueva (Newcastle University),  and Maryna Shevtsova (Humboldt University)

Papers should be original works that have not been submitted for publication or published elsewhere. All papers should be in English.

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