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Who am I?

En Buenos Aires

Celestino Santos-Buelga

Date and place of birth: 14/07/1957, Pola de Laviana, Asturias (Spain)

University degrees: BSc and PhD in Pharmacy

Current professional position: Full Professor (Catedrático) of Food Science at University of Salamanca (Spain) since December 2002.

Teaching: Courses of Food Science, Nutrition, Food Chemistry and Dietetics in the Degrees of Pharmacy and Biology.


  • Key words: food, beverages, analysis, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, anthocyanins, flavanols, proanthocyanidins, tannins, quercetin, catechin, biological activity, flavonoid metabolites, health implications, C. elegans.
  • Specialization: Experience related to the chemistry of phenolics, including extraction and analysis, structural characterisation, influence on the stability and sensory properties of processed food of plant origin, transformations in food, antioxidant properties, dietary intake and health implications.
  • Research interests: (1) Health implications of dietary flavonoids. Bioavailability, metabolites and biological activity in humans. (2) Stability and reactions of anthocyanins and flavanols and their derived pigments. Influence on the definition and stability of colour in food and beverages.

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