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  • Measurement and Pulse Shaping of Time-dependent Polarization and Polarization Spatiotemporal distribution of ultrashort laser pulses

  1. In-line interferometry for time-dependent polarization [LinkOpen PDF]
  2. Complete spatiotemporal and polarization characterization of ultrafast vector beams [Arxiv PDF]



  • Temporal measurement of ultrashort laser pulses with dispersion-scan and post-compression in hollow-core fibers

  1. The technique dispersion-scan [PDF]
  2. Applications to few-cycle pulses in spatiotemporal domain [PDF;Link]
  3. Carrier envelope-phase measurements [Free PDF]
  4. Self-calibrating d-scan [Open PDF]
  5. Single-cycle pulses through post-compression in hollow fiber [Open PDF;Link]
  6. Pulse-train instabilities in fiber lasers [Open PDF]


  • Spatiotemporal characterization of ultrashort laser pulses with STARFISH

  1. Method: Spatially resolved spectral interferometry [PDF] assisted by fiber optic coupler (STARFISH) [PDF]
  2. Retrieval of the frequency-resolved wavefront of focused/unfocused pulses with STARFISH [PDF]
  3. Application to the pulse structure after diffractive optic elements [PDF] [PDF] [PDF] [PDF]
  4. Application to the study of nonlinear processes [PDF]
  5. Application to few-cycle pulses [PDF]
  6. Spatiotemporal diffractive pulse shaping [Open PDF]
  7. Propagation in laser inscribed waveguides [Link;Free PDF]


  • High-order harmonic generation

  1. Temporal and spectral structure of the infrared pulse during the high order harmonic generation [Free PDF]
  2. Carrier-envelope-phase insensitivity in high-order harmonic generation driven by few-cycle laser pulses [Free PDF]
  3. Continuous spectra in high-harmonic generation driven by multicycle laser pulses [Link]
  4. Tunable high-harmonic generation by chromatic focusing of few-cycle laser pulses [Link]


  • Post-compression by means of filamentation in gases

  1. Objective: extension of the process to high energy laser pulses above millijoule
  2. Effect of the input polarization [PDF] [PDF]
  3. Effect of the input chirp [PDF] [PDF]
  4. Effect of input astigmatic phase [PDF]


Note: the full information and abstract of the papers (as well as the PDFs) is available in the Publication’s Tab.


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