Research Interests/Publications

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My scientific interests are in petrology and geochemistry and what they can tell us about broader problems in the Earth Sciences. 

Our group typically uses the solid products from volcanic eruptions to understand processes that occur at depth in the Earth through an interactive integration of different disciplines and approaches (e.g. field petrology, petrography, thermodynamics, numerical simulations, experiments, geochemistry including noble gases, geophysics and geodynamics). This favours to constrain the geological processes in a more accurate way. 

With numerous colleagues, I’m currently involved in different research topics including (i) how partial crustal melting occurs at depth through the analysis of the interactions between crust and magma body; (ii) Noble gas geochemistry: magma degassing processes from the mantle to the surface; and (iii) the links between metamorphic petrology, magmatism/volcanism and geodynamics that influence the Earth’s crustal dynamics and evolution.

Scheme of the upper crustal magma conduit (not to scale) at El Hoyazo volcano and related 2-D physical setup of the modelled magma conduit

Scheme of the upper crustal magma conduit (not to scale) at El Hoyazo volcano and related 2-D physical setup of the modelled magma conduit


Quantitative Thinking Under the Volcano (Partial Crustal Melting/Assimilation – 3D animation)

                               Lithospheric equilibrium by isostasy….  sure??




On-going research projects

Snow-melting at the crater promoting the triggering of the magma chamber at depth as beginning of the eruption? Isotopic geochemistry of volatiles in inclusions as tool for eruption forecasting

(PI: A.M. Álvarez-Valero, Funded by MINECO (Spain) (from 10/2022 to 10/2025)


- Caught in action – volcano surveillance with hyperspectral remote sensing.

(PI: Gabor Kereszturi (Univ. Massey, New Zealand), Funded by Rutherford Discovery Fellowship awards (New Zealand) (from 01/12/2020 to 31/11/2025)


- Volatiles evolution under Deception Island volcano (Antarctica): Degassing processes and potential hazards.

(PI: A.M. Álvarez-Valero, Funded by MINECO (Spain) (from 01/2019 to 09/2022)


Here are some references that combine different disciplines. If you are interested in any

PDF-reprint, just drop me a line (

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