José Ignacio Íñiguez de la Torre Bayo
Department of Applied Physics, Group of Electromagnetism
Diapositiva 9


Research Groups:

Grupo de Investigación en Magnetismo Experimental G.I.M.E. de la Universidad de Salamanca
Club Español de Magnetismo
IEEE Spain Magnetic Chapter
GEM Grupo Español de Electromagnetismo


European Journal of Physics
American Journal of Physics
Journal of Applied Physics
IEEE Xplore (IEEE Journals)

Physics and Physicists:

Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities
Selected Papers Great American Physicists

Physics teaching:

The Physics Teacher Online
The Question of the Week
Physics Questions
Física con ordenador
Simulations and videos  Physics Demonstrations
Educational java applets
The web site of professor Walter H. G. Lewin at the MIT
MIT’s videos at YouTube
Wolfram integrator
Ken Levasseur WebMathematicaScripts (UMass Lowell)

Magnetic levitation and related works:


Periodic Table of Elements
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Nobel Prizes in Physics

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