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Terahertz region is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies between the radio waves and infrared/visible light. Terahertz rays can penetrate through cardboard, plastic, clothing, and many other materials, so that we can image a concealed weapon, or detect chemical and biological agents through sealed packages.

Terahertz technology in security portal applications has been demonstrated for detecting and identifying objects concealed on people and is a leading area of development and commercialisation.

The aim of our work is the development of a new generation of sensors/sources based on solid-state devices for application in terahertz range.  This by exploiting recent advances in the plasma waves oscillations in a gated two-dimensional system.

Other activities cited below are also taken our interest:

  1. Development of a novel plasma waves devices operating at terahertz range which can integrate THz imaging/spectroscopy systems
  2. Fundamental studies of graphene (Low temperature and high magnetic field characterization.)
  3. Exploring new technology for terahertz range based on graphene material.
  4. MonteCarlo simulations on studied devices.
  5. Exploring new methods for characterization of solar cells

More details on our nanotechnology group  can be found in our oficial webpage: Nanotech Group


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