Our TOEFL site is one of the oldest in Spain, it started in 2003 and our DI CODE is C590.

If you want to take the TOEFL exam at Universidad de Salamanca

1) Go to the International Webpage of ETS

2) Create your profile and choose date and location of your exam.

3) The webpage will charge your credit card and you will receive in your email instructions on the time and location of the exam. Remember not to take the home exam since it may not be accepted by USAL. This is an international exam created in New Jersey and graded there. At USAL a team of TCAs certified by ETS are responsible for the security of the exam in our computer labs. No payment is paid to USAL.

  • DI Code: C590
  • Location: Salamanca, Spain
  • University Website:
  • Contact:
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