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Universidad de Salamanca
Manuel Taifouris Silva
Ph candidate in Chemical Engineering


  • Taifouris, M., Martin, M., Multiscale schreme for the optimal use of residues for the production of biogas. 13th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering-PSE 2018.
  • Taifouris, M., Martín M., Martinez, A., Nats, Esquejo N., 2020. Integrating suppliers into the simultaneous process and product design of formulated products. European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

  • Guerras, L., Taifouris, M., Serangupta D., Marcos Corazza, M., Mariano Martín M., El-Halwagi M.,2020. Methodology for the design of multiproduct facilities: Case of the olive Tree. 14th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering.

  • Taifouris, M., Martín, M., Martinez, A., Esquejo, N. 2020. Simultaneous Optimization of the Design of the Product, Process and supply Chain for Formulated Products. AIChe Annual Meeting.

  • Taifouris M., Criado A., Corazza M., Martin M. 2020. Integrated Food Facilities: Circular Economy Applied to the Food Industry. AIChe Annual Meeting.

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