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Dept. Economics and Economic History. Univ. Salamanca
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Two of my papers became ESI (Essential Science Indicators) Highly Cited Papers in early 2021 (Clarivate Analytics). By December 2021, five papers that I have coauthored were ESI Highly Cited Papers. In December 2022, four  papers that I have coauthored are ESI Highly Cited Papers.

The paper Soft Open Bases and a Novel Construction of Soft Topologies from Bases for Topologies has been the recipient of one of the six Mathematics 2020 Best Paper Awards.

Studies conducted by Ioannidis et al. (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) at Stanford University have placed me among the top 2% scientists by main subfield discipline.

I am an Associate Editor of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, section Fuzzy Systems. And a member of the Editorial Board of SymmetryFoundationsJournal of Advanced Studies in TopologyFuzzy Optimization and Modeling, and Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering.

I am member of the Advisory Board of Sci.

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