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Edgar Martín Hernández
Free Software and Chemical Engineering


IMG_20160519_101034PhD candidate at PSEM3 group, University of Salamanca


The objective of my current research is to progress in the development of management strategies for the recovery and recycling of nutrients from livestock waste, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, to restore nutrient circularity. This project is part of a collaboration of my home institution, the University of Salamanca, through my Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Mariano Martı́n, and the US EPA (Dr. Gerardo J. Ruiz-Mercado) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Prof. Victor M. Zavala). I have conducted studies on three key dimensions for the development of a circular economy for phosphorus and nitrogen, i.e., I) techno-economic studies to select the most suitable processes for
nutrient recovery at livestock facilities, II) environmental assessments to study the potential for the mitigation of nutrient pollution by deploying the processes previously selected at subbasin spatial resolution, and III) the design and evaluation of incentive policies to promote the deployment of nutrient recovery processes, including the fair allocation of monetary resources when budget is limited by applying game theory concepts, particularly the Nash allocation scheme.

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