The VII International Symposium on Ideology, Politics and Demands in Language, Literature and Film“Discourse as a tool of social control”, to be held at the University of Salamanca, June 1-3, 2022, intends to bring together those researchers and professors who are interested in the study of speech as an instrument of power from any scientific approach.

We will try to understand the persuasive discourse through the different tools used in its construction; deconstructing speeches and finding out the strategies used in their creation to stimulate specific responses. We aim to discover how the interpretation of information is oriented, in some cases; how the perception of reality is modified, in others; how propaganda is built; how manipulation happens; how dominance is exercised over the population through the discourse; how public opinion is created; how to communicate or miscommunicate seeking social control. And all this will be studied either on its own linguistic formulation, or the formulation with any other type of language (visual, auditory …), not only at the present time, but in any of the history, in any language. In this way, we will not only study oral or written discourse, but also the discourse of image, art, architecture (iconology, iconography …), or the influence of music on social communication. Therefore, the study can be approached from different disciplines, since the explanation of communication is interdisciplinary, and affects linguistics, social and cognitive psychology, anthropology, ethology, ethnography, sociology, semiotics, iconography, cinematography, music, and a long list of disciplines and subdisciplines that affect communication in any of its phases.

Thus, the main objective of this Symposium is to reflect on language and discursive practices to synthesize, as far as possible, the most common strategies used in different discursive genres, and offer a social, historical and critical approach to language and discourse, being a fruitful space for the exchange of knowledge in this field of study.

Participation in the Symposium with papers will be open to all researchers, professors, and doctoral and master students.

If you wish to participate, please, send us a summary of your paper by MARCH 1, 2022. Also, complete the registration form using the online form available in the “Send summary” (Enviar resumen) tab. Communications are accepted in English and Spanish.

Proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, and you will receive an answer by March 15, 2022.

Participants with a communication will have 20 minutes to present, followed by 10 minutes of discussion.




Submission of abstracts: December 01, 2021 – March 1, 2022

Acceptance notification: March 15, 2022

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