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Universidad de Salamanca
Supervision and Process Control Group
Computing and Automation Department. University of Salamanca, Spain

Optimization, supervision and control of integrated water systems

The objective of this research line is the design and implementation of efficient solutions to optimize the operation of Integrated Water Systems (sewer system and wastewater treatment plant). In order to reduce the operational costs and fulfil the plant effluent legal requirements, the use of dynamical models and advanced control is proposed.

More specifically, the plant operation is improved considering multiple objective optimization with constraints that guarantee plant safety in a wide range of situations. The validation of the methodologies is performed using benchmarks such as BSM1 and BSM2. The different problems in the control hierarchy are solved using PI based control, event-based control, or other model predictive control techniques, including intelligent supervision.

The performance assessment is of paramount important in this type of processes, therefore the enviromental impact together with the operational costs are thoroughly studied considering different control structures. In order to simultaneously solve the dilemma of energy consumption, resources consumption, waste management, and GHG emission for the integrated water system, the environmental integral evaluation by circular economy is proposed.


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