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Universidad de Salamanca
VIII Seminario de Traducción Jurídica e Institucional para OO.II.
Del 17 al 21 de febrero de 2020 en la Facultad de Traducción y Documentación


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Monday, February 17

MORNING: Assembly Hall

- 8:45 Registration

- 9:00 Inaugural Adress: Ana Belén Ríos Hilario, Vice-Chancellor (Students and Sustainability) at USAL; M. Noëlle García Sánchez,  Vice-Dean (Students) of the Faculty of Translation and Documentation; Luis González, representative of the European Commission in Spain; Daniel Linder, coordinator of the Seminar’s Organizing Committee.

9:30 Opening Conference*: Reine Meylaerts (KU Leuven). Why do cities need a translation policy? (EN)

Presented by: M. Rosario Martín Ruano (USAL)

- 11:00-11:30 Coffee break

- 11:30-13:00 Round table*: Communication policies and the new paradigm in institutional translation. (EN and ES)

Moderator: Ovidi Carbonell (USAL)

Participants:  Teresa Melero (Spanish State Secretariat for Digital Advancement, SEAD), Tomáš Svoboda (Charles University, Prague), Alina Secara (Leeds University, UK)

- 13:00 Guided visit to the Historical Library of the University for speakers, participants in round tables and representatives of International Organizations

EVENING: Classroom 2

- 16:30-17:45 Workshop: Gun Soderlund Merila (DGT). An Overview of the DGT, with Examples of Translations about the Wine Industry. (EN)

- 18:00-19:15 Workshop: Doris Hernández Píriz (UN). La traducción de documentos de derecho mercantil internacional en las Naciones Unidas. (ES)


Tuesday, February 18

MORNING: Assembly Hall

- 9:15-10:45 Lecture*: Dragos Ciobanu (Leeds University). Language Technologies for Translators. (EN)

Presented by: Daniel Linder (USAL)

- 10:45-11:15 Pause

- 11:30-13:00 Round Table*:  Translation / interpreting Associations. (EN and ES)

Moderator: Daniel Linder (USAL)

Participants: Icíar Alonso (APTIJ), Melissa Wallace (SSTI-NAJIT), Christiane Driesen (EULITA)

- 13:00 Guided visit to the Unamuno House Museum for speakers, participants in round tables and representatives of International Organizations

EVENING: Classroom 2

- 16:00-17:15 Workshop: Leire Segura (DGT). Am I an efficient translator? Quality in DGT translation. (ES)

- 17:30-18:45 Workshop: Nikoleta Charana (EP). Translating in the European Parliament: the law-making process and the role of the translator. (ES)

- 19:00-20:15 Workshop: María José Garea (Inter-American Development Bank). Revision: What, What for and Why? (ES)


Wednesday, February 19

 MORNING: Assembly Hall

- 9:15-10:45 Lecture: Catherine Way (University of Granada). Legal translation in the 21st century: flight or fight? (ES)

Presented by: M. Rosario Martín Ruano (USAL)

- 10:45-11:15 Pause

- 11:15-12:45 Round table: Justice and accesibility. (ES)

Moderator: Iris Holl (USAL)

Participants: Casilda Sabín (Asturias Full Inclusion Manager), Juan Carlos García (delegate of the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary in Asturias in matters of disability), José Ramón González Clavijo (Presiding Magistrate in the Provincial Court in Salamanca).

- 13:00 Visit to the General Archive of the Civil War for speakers, participants in round tables and representatives of International Organizations

EVENING: Classroom 2

- 16:00-17:15 Workshop: Joana Sancho/Florencia Mangiapane (WTO). Translating at the WTO at a turning point. (ES)

- 17:30-18:45 Workshop: Carine Midre (DGT). Terminology, an essential component of the translation process. (FR)

- 19:00-20:15 Workshop: Estíbaliz Rodríguez García (ONU). Hemmed in on all sides: Translating UN Documents. (ES)


Thursday, February 20

 MORNING: Assembly Hall

- 9:15-10:45 Round table: Translation and diversity. (ES)

Moderator: M. Rosario Martín Ruano (USAL)

Participants: Carmen Valero (University of Alcalá, Spain; AFIPTISP), Mireia Vargas Urpí (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Carmen las Heras (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid, CEAR).

- 10:45-11:15 Coffe break

- 11:15-12:45 Lecture: Lucía Ruiz Rosendo (Université de Genève). Interpreters in conflict scenarios and zones: institutional contexts and challenges. (ES)

- 13:00 Presentation of the book Lenguas entre dos fuegos: intérpretes en la Guerra Civil española by Jesús Baigorri.

EVENING: Classroom 2

- 16:00-17:15 Workshop: Michael Brønnum Nielsen (DGT). Machine translation in the EU and how you can use it. (EN)

- 17:30-18:45 Workshop: Michal Holy (EP). Legislative procedure in the European Parliament – what to do when things go wrong? (EN)


Friday, February 21

MORNING: Assembly Hall

- 9:15-10:45 Lecture: Carmen Bestué (Autonomous University of Barcelona). The challenges of cross-linguistic communication in increasingly globalised and technological scenarios. (ES)

Presented by: Iris Holl (USAL)

- 10:45-11:15 Coffe break

- 11:15-12:45 Closing address: Ricardo Rivero (University of Salamanca). Traducción y seguridad jurídica. (ES)

- 13:00 Presentation of the Award for the best contribution by International Organizations

- 13:15 Closing ceremony.




The 8th edition of the Seminar will include representatives from a number of international organizations. Organizations which have already confirmed their attendance include: 

Directorate-General of Translation of the European Commission (DGT-EC), United Nations (UN), European Parliament (EP), Office of Interpretation of Languages of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEC), World Trade Organization (WTO), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

N.B.: Morning sessions are held in the Faculty Assembly Hall (Salón de actos).  Conferences and round tables marked with (*) will have simultaneous interpreting. Interpretation from English to Spanish will be provided by USAL students. Interpretation from Spanish into English will be provided by students from the University of Bath.

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