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Universidad de Salamanca
IX Seminario de Traducción Jurídica e Institucional para OO.II.
Del 27 de febrero al 3 de marzo de 2023 en la Facultad de Traducción y Documentación de la Universidad de Salamanca

Information for members of international organisations in charge of giving practical workshops

This post is also available in: Spanish

Registration for International Organization members


Please send your an application letter to including the following details:

- Name

- Post and affiliation

- Working languages

- E-mail address

- Alternative contact information (optional)


Important: Authorization by supervisor (Head of Department or Section in their organisation) is a prerequisite for applying. The members of international organizations whose application has been confirmed will give a workshop for an audience of other members of international organizations registered in the seminar and for the students registered in the seminar (see other details below).


Once the host organization has confirmed your participation, participants are requested to send by email the following information about the workshops they will be conducting:

- Workshop title

- Person(s) who will be conducting the workshop

- Language of delivery (Spanish, English or French)

- Short description of the workshop (50-100 words)




The evening sessions will be devoted to practical workshops delivered by the II.OO. They can be conducted either individually, in pairs or groups and will be 90 minutes long.

A special Audience Award will be granted to the best workshop/presentation by II.OO. members on Friday, 21st February.



Who will attend the Seminar?


As indicated above, the audience that will attend the workshops will be comprised of the other members of international organizations registered in the seminar and the students registered in the seminar. The latter group, the majority of attendees, will be composed of the students enrolled in the following degrees:

-       BA in Translation and Interpreting

-       Double BA in Translation and Interpreting and Law

-       Double BA in Translation and Interpreting and Business Administration and Management

-       MA program in Translation and Intercultural Mediation

-       PhD program in Social Sciences (with a research line in Translation and Intercultural Mediation).

-       Various BA programs in the Faculty of Law

-       Various BA programs in the Faculty of Philology


The classrooms in which the workshops will be delivered have acapacity for about 30-40 students.


Which are the languages of delivery?

Workshops may be delivered in Spanish, English or French.

Which content may be most attractive?

In contrast to morning sessions, which will be devoted to activities with a higher theoretical content, evening workshops are conceived as practical sessions based on the professional experience of translator and interpreters at international institutions. The subject matter and approach can be chosen freely, although we would ask you to attempt to address the two main topic areas of the seminar, namely accessibility/diversity, and technologization/globalization. Suggestions include, but are not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Tools for translation work: CAT tools, terminology management tools, etc.
  • In-house terminology and language, and implications for translation and interpreting
  • Translation revision and editing
  • Translation problems and solutions
  • Information mining techniques
  • Entrance requirements (requirements, examinations, etc.)
  • Field missions for interpreters
  • Career paths in institutional markets


The programs of prior editions of the Seminar may help participants to choose a subject for their workshop.


What equipment is available?


The classrooms are equipped with a whiteboard, a digital whiteboard, projector, projection screen, VGA connection for laptop, Wi-Fi and speakers.


If you intend to distribute any material among the students, please forward it in advance to the following address:


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