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How to transfer data from an Android phone to another

This post explains how to transfer data from an Android smartphone to another Android smartphone.   What is the data in a phone that I must backup or transfer? The source of some typical data to be backuped or transfered is: Apps Contacts SMS Photos Messenger service messages (e.g. WhatsApp, Signal) Take into account that […]

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How to crack WPA2

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) is one of the most widespread security standards for wireless networks. It has been replaced by more recent WPA3, but as of 2021 WPA2 is still more spread. This post explains briefly what is WPA2, its vulnerabilities, how to strengthen a WPA2 network and how to crack it. What is […]

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Difference between Wi-Fi Range Extender and Mesh Network

What is a Wi-Fi Range Extender? A Wi-Fi range extender, also know as a Wi-Fi Booster or Wi-Fi repeater, is a device with two Wi-Fi radios that connects to a network while it rebroadcast what it receives. What is a Wi-Fi Mesh Network? A Wi-Fi mesh network, also know as mesh Wi-Fi system, is a […]

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How to identify the Model of a wireless Router in Linux

This post explains how can we identify the model of a wireless router using Linux.   Step by step 1. Set your wireless adapter in monitor mode Check this post about how to put a wireless adapter in monitor mode in Linux. This step includes identifying the ID of the wireless you are going to […]

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How to set your Wireless Adapter to Monitor Mode in Linux

Wireless network interface controllers (WNIC’s) can operate in different modes: Managed mode: the only packets that are received in the computer are the one directed to it. Promiscuous mode: it is a listening mode that exists for both wired and wireless adapters. Monitor mode: a listening mode that only exists for wireless adapters. When we […]

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List of Wi-Fi Packet Sniffers

List of Wi-Fi Packet Sniffers: Wireshark with AirPcap SteelCentral Packet Analyzer OmniPeek Enterprise CommView for Wi-Fi Among the most popular there are Wireshark with AirPcap, SteelCentral Packet Analyzer, OmniPeek Enterprise, CommView for Wi-Fi. List of Wi-Fi Sniffers (if it has any difference with Wi-Fi Packet Sniffers) Kismet Source Tcpdump ( SmartSniff ( Acrylic WiFi Professional […]

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List of Wi-Fi Discovery Tools

Computer: inSSIDer Office NetSurveyor Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Acrylic Wi-Fi Home WirelessMon Ekahau HeatMapper Vistumbler Wi-Fi Scanner Kismet iStumbler AirRadar 4 Wellenreiter NetStumbler AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester The most popular is inSSIDer Office. Mobile: WifiExplorer WiFi Manager OpenSignalMaps Network Signal Info Pro WiFiFoFum – WiFi Scanner WiFinder The most popular is WifiExplorer.   List of Wi-Fi […]

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How to crack a WEP Password using aircrack-ng

This tutorial assumes that your operating system is Linux, in any of its variants (Kali Linux, Ubuntu, etc.)   Step-by-step Procedure 1. Ensure aircrack-ng suite is installed in your computer Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get update Install aircrack-ng suite: sudo apt-get install -y aircrack-ng Install macchanger: sudo apt-get install macchanger   2. Ensure […]

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Types of Wi-Fi Connections

Encryption algorithms: RC4 AES Encryption protocols: Temporal Key Integration Protocol (TKIP) Cipher-block Chaining Message authentication Protocol (CCMP) Wi-Fi security modes: WEP WPA WPA2 Authentication options supported by WPA, WPA2 and WPA3: Preshared key (PSK) or personal (PER) IEEE 802.1X or enterprise (ENT)router connection PSK is the use of a static fixed password or authentication. ENT […]

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How to install LineageOS 14.1 on Samsung Tab Pro 10.1 Wi-Fi

I have a tablet Samsung Tab Pro 10.1 Wi-Fi (SM-T520) from 2014 whose lastest official Android version from manufacturer was 4.4.2 (KitKat); this version traces back to 2013. It is a shame that Samsung never released an Android version update for this device. Some current apps could no longer be installed on this tablet because […]

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