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Free Video Editors for Windows 10

This post lists some free video editors for Windows, some open source and others proprietary software. Free and open source Video Editors for Windows Free and open source (FOSS) video editors for Windows featured on this post: Kdenlive Openshot Kdenlive Kdenlive is a free and open source (FOSS) video editor programmed in C++ and Qt. […]

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2020′s Retro Handheld Consoles

A game console  is an electronic device that outputs a video signal or image to display a video game Handheld consoles became popular during  4th generation of game consoles (early 90′s), with 8-bit devices like Nintendo Gameboy and Sega Game Gear. There are modern retro handheld consoles that appeared during the 2010′s and 2020′s that […]

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How to make screenshots in Ubuntu

This post summarizes how to make screenshots in Ubuntu OS. How to make screenshots in Ubuntu 22.04 Copy the whole screen to the clipboard Press keys Shift + PrtSc (Print Screen). Copy a region of the screen to the clipboard Press key PrtSc. Some options will be suggested: Selection area: a custom region, whole screen […]

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How to download ATRESplayer Videos

ATRESplayer is a video streaming platform that streams videos from Antena 3, La Sexta and other products of Spanish group Atresmedia Televisión. This post explains how to download videos from ATRESplayer platform. The post was written on February 2022. The content and technology on may change over time, so there may be one point […]

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How to run script AdobeHDS.php on Ubuntu

AdobeHDS is a PHP script that allows to download Adobe HDS videos, by providing for example a F4M manifest file. To run AdobeHDS.php script on your computer you need to have a PHP server. On this post, we are configuring an Apache server with PHP on Ubuntu, but AdobeHDS.php could be run on any other […]

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Free and open source Video Editors for Linux

This post is a non-exhaustive list of free and open source (FOSS) video editors for Linux. List of free and open source Video Editors for Linux Featured video editors: Pitivi Kdenlive Openshot Flowblade Pitivi It is part of GNOME project. Kdenlive It is part of KDE project. Openshot Shotcut Flowblade […]

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How to trim Videos on Windows 10

  Photos app is installed as default on Windows 10. You can use this app to trim videos. Steps Open video in Windows 10 with Photos app. Usually it is the default app to open videos, so you can just double-click it. Click on “Edit” icon (pencil icon) on the bottom right hand side. Select […]

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How to change Codecs used on a Video File

This post explains how to convert a video file to use different codecs. This can be useful, for example, where a given video player is unable to play a video with a specific codes.   How to check which Codecs are used on a video file Open video file with VLC media player, go to […]

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DVD Player Norauto NS-16309HIR

NS-16309HIR, NS-VID 16309 or Norauto Sound NS-16309HIR is a DVD player that is sold in Norauto car repair shop, that is a popular chain store set in many European countries and Argentina and that belongs to the French group Mobivia. The only recognizable brand that is associated to the device is Norauto; there is no […]

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List of Sailing Simulation Video Games

List of sailing simulation video games: Sailaway -  The Sailing Simulator (2018) eSail Sailing Simulator (2019)   List of sailing simulation video games Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator Release date: 2018-02-27 Available on Steam   eSail Sailing Simulator Release date: 2019-03-26 Available on Steam.

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