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Windows ping syntax

  Parameters -f switch sets the Do Not Fragment bit on the ping packet. By default, the ping packet allows fragmentation. In the ping command, the –l option means to send the buffer size in bytes. It is followed by the number of bytes for buffer size. You can combine  -f and -l to guess […]

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hping3 Syntax

hping commands for scanning methods ICMP ping hping3 -1 Hping performs an ICMP ping scan by specifying the argument -1 on the command line. You may use –ICMP of -1 argument in the command line. By issuing the above command, hping sends ICMP-echo request to and receives ICMP-reply, the same as with a […]

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nmap Syntax

This post summarizes common syntax and parameters used with command nmap. To understand the meaning of each parameter, you may read about network discovery scanning techniques, as in “CISPP Study Guide 9th Edition”, pp. 732-733. nmap Syntax Parameters Those scans that start with -sx, means that they are stealth scans. -sO (IP protocol scan): IP […]

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